WTF Yahoo?

I’m really starting to love that company Yahoo. Those guys just don’t stop trying to bother me with censorship. Funny thing, after the disaster i experienced with tumblr last year, i take it very easy with those services (namely tumblr and flickr).

Well, i joined tumblr again for these reasons and got invited to flickr by the superb 3Dx Artist Clare3dx, so i started a new round of the “let’s see how terrible Yahoo really is” game :)

But i was careful. I’ve set my flickr account to “restricted” from the start and double-checked it. I also uploaded only soft pics so far. Anyway, i received the mail from the flickr censorship headquarter, notifying that my account has been set to “moderate”. WTF Yahoo?

The mail also included some information about “frontal nudity” and that other users could go blind and what not. I again checked my settings and found them to be fine, still “restricted”.

I don’t see where the problem is. Somebody reported me. Why? For trolling? Accidentally? “Flickr Customer Care” (ain’t i a customer as well?) should find out before they send out warning mails. Now i have a “reviewed as moderate by flickr staff” account that in fact was restricted since day one.

I’m curious to see what will happen next, but i don’t care much about it. I’m fine, this post is just for the books. I repeat it again: Don’t use those Internet Services as your main homepage where you host your original content! And don’t forget that Google isn’t the only evil out there.

Have a nice day :)

Author: MaXsiM

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