What’s up in and around MXM?

Since this blog became something like a SexVilla news generator it’s about time to post some mxm related stuff…

But let’s start with some SexVilla headlines anyway, just to get it out of the way ;)

Well, the official SexVilla 3 “Making-of” Teaser can be found here. You asked for it. BTW: Have i ever mentioned that the ThriXXX officials are clueless when it comes to social media? Only kidding…

The next big SexVilla 2 update has been announced for September. It’s the “Mad Scientist Laboratories” location, i already like it and here are some Screenshots, recently revealed by ThriXXX:

Dreams of Luisa – revived!

To be honest, i had planned to release the “Dreams of Luisa – revived 1” 3D Erotic Comic in June. It’s sometimes hard when you’re an independent porn artist, doing it for nuts, you know.

But hey! I’m almost done with the story! All pictures are shot and mastered into the final layout! It still need some corrections here and there… but i will be able to spit out a release date very soon.

It’s a story filled with many lovely moments, hardest sex, funny scenarios and beautiful characters, made with SexVilla 2.

I’m pretty much sure, that nobody else in the world has ever created something like that before.


The first issue was a great success, so it only was a matter of time when i created the second part. SEXXI is an high-quality homage to classical porn magazines. It holds 18 pages and is only available in German language.

Unfortunately i haven’t had the time for an English translation yet. If you’re interested anyway, have a look at issue 1 here >>>

SEXXI 2 is almost finished as well… shouldn’t take too long until the release.

Demon Hunter 2

Another top hit of mine! “Demon Hunter” was released around last Christmas and is still one of the most demanded stories on clublena.com. This fact, and my love for the “Adventure Girl” scenario, made me start to create a second part. It’s still in its early state and i have no idea when it will be done… but anyway, Laura Crest will be back.

Daz 3D

I often played around with Daz 3D before, only for my private entertainment. But recently (and mostly because of the lack of official SexVilla 3 info) i toyed with the idea to get deeper into the Daz 3D business, make professional use of their high polygon Genesis models…

Ironically i could spend my SexVilla affiliate money for some Daz content :)

Please don’t expect sexy results soon, it’s only an idea…

What else?

Clublena.com is waiting for new stories as well, many are in the furnace. Dreams of Luisa revived 2 and 3 are also planned and horniness will never end…

But this post does. Thanks for reading, please visit my sites often and follow me on twitter.




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