What’s up for November?

Hi everybody! This is my traditional “huh-this-year-is-ending-soon-so-what-am-i-gonna-do” post :)

I’m not good at keeping deadlines. No matter how big or small my task list is, i always run out of time and miss the deadline. My only excuse is that MXM is a hobby, and hobbies always go behind real life.

But no worries. Over the years i’ve learned that stress isn’t good, so i try to have as much fun as i can and see where it all leads me to…

Well, the end of the year 2014 leads me to SEXXI. This little SexVilla PDF Fanmagazine really is a story of success when i look at the download counter. It’s only beaten by “Dreams of Luisa”, the story that celebrates its 10th anniversary this winter…

I’m currently working on a SEXXI special edition that’s completely dedicated to Luisa Blacksmith and her many friends. The issue will be at least double sized than a normal one. Long time fans will be thrilled about the “Timeline” that features nextGen remakes of original vintage episodes! Even “Elfish Spell” will be highlighted on a few pages. Of course, the timeline isn’t the only content. It’s a huge project and great fun to create.


Aside the special edition i’m making SEXXI 8. I plan to release both, issue 8 and the special edition, together or with only little delay. But let’s see.

SEXXIporn.com will be relaunched with a new, much cooler layout. The new site will also hold the German versions, keine Sorge ;)

I’m also thinking about the Calendar 2015. Chances are high it will be about Dreams of Luisa as well.

There are still a few unfinished works for clublena.com, but like i’ve written above it’s a shitload of work. So they are ready when they are ready.

And plans for 2015? A bit too early to nail them down. But another DoL episode as well as a new Demon Hunter story would be nice. But first let me finish the current projects and then sort out things in January.

Stay tuned!

Author: MaXsiM

Male, straight. Started game modding in 2000, made custom sex animations for The Sims 1, released the first nude skins ever for The Sims 2, came up with "Dreams of Luisa" in 2004, ran an adult forum with 10k+ members. Changed to 3D Sexvilla 2 in 2010. Finally made the move into the world of 'real' 3D-Art in 2015. Thanks for visiting my site and reading this post. Feel free to leave a comment. Become my Patron!