What the heck is machinima?

I’m sure that most of you already know what machinima means…

Especially if you are a Sims addict i can see a 99% possibility that you still have clicked the “V” button on your keyboard to shoot a small video clip of your Sims’ in-game doings. The more advanced of you perhaps even have tried to cut some movie pieces together to create some kind of cool video clip.

Others – like me – are more interested in creating comics by using machinima techniques. You can see a poster of my upcoming machinima comic here >>>

But there are always some newbies around who might wonder about the term “machinima”. Is it a magical spell or just a tech hobby for nerds? The next mega hype or just a waste of time? You can decide by yourself…

What could be better than to explain machinima with a machinima movie?

I know a nice one…


Inside the Machinima!

It’s most interesting that this movie is pretty old. It was uploaded to YouTube (the leader in censorship) in March 2006!

I just couldn’t find a newer instructional clip that’s funnier or better. If you know another cool “what is machinima”-clip feel free to post the link in the comments.

Also, this seems to be the only movie made by the team “Machinimated”. Their YouTube Channel and homepage doesn’t contain any more films. Too sad.

Unreal Machinima!

This clip was not made with The Sims but with the “Unreal” game engine (Unreal Tournament), an engine that’s very often taken to produce machinima.

But if you are a passionated Sims Gamer there’s no need to worry about game engines, tournaments or unreal whatevers…

Just start The Sims, arrange a nice scene, hit “V” and you’re in ;)

Author: MaXsiM

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