Twitter Background Photoshop Template!

Cool, i´ve created a new background design for my twitter page to use it as a little extra promotion for “Luisa & The Elfish Spell”.

I hope that many of my lovely twitter followers and friends will love the new layout.

Just in case that you don´t love the new layout you can try to create a better one by yourself…

Because i´ve created the design in Photoshop and just thought: Hey, why not giving away the file?

Photoshop PSD-File!

Download the psd-file, open it in Photoshop or any other usable graphic editor and change it however you want.

Or leave it, or parts of it as is.

Everything is possible, there’s no problem, just give proper credits!

The Photoshop Template of this Twitter Background Picture
The Photoshop Template of this Twitter Background Picture

What you should know before you create a twitter background!

There are some (many) restrictions in a twitter background pic:

  • the twitter background is static, it doesn’t move when you scroll…
  • …but the content/time line is flexible, always centered on every screen.
  • the main information should be visible even on small screens.
  • everything to the right of the time line is additional content…
  • …as well as everything below 500px or so.
  • take care of the file size. 900kb are possible but not the best you can do.
  • Set a cool background color to make it fit to the background pic.

My template is very large, it’s 1700 x 1050px! I just decided to make it appear correctly on large screens like mine.

But it also works on small 1024 x 768px screens like many netbooks have. Imagine that many people tweet from mobile toys.

Create your own twitter background!

I wanted to create a layout that looks related to my site and that make people ask: What’s that? Is it dangerous? Will it eat me?

I leave it up to you if you cut and resize the template and add other layer effects or whatever. You can decide which element you will keep and which you will replace.

Just play around, it’s pretty much trial and error.


In the case that this photoshop template helps you please tell everybody about it and do the usual social stuff… following, retweeting, linking, commenting and so on.

Thank you and here is the download:

Twitter Background Photoshop Template from

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