Tomb Raider 9: Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light!

Last summer i posted a few images that seemed to be mistakenly published concept art from the upcoming Tomb Raider 9. It was also stated that the series would try many new things, untypical for Lara Croft, like an open-world scenario for example…

The rumors are no rumors, they’re real!

Game developer studios Crystal Dynamics confirmed the production of “Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light“, the next Tomb Raider sequel…

Tomb Raider 9 comes in 2010!

First the good news: “Tomb Raider 9 – Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light” will be released this year. This makes me believe that relevant news, screenshots, videos and art work will see the daylight soon.

Thinking about art and beauty the Tomb Raider series always was most eye-catching, especially since CD held the scepter.

But current information policy is very annoying and so we poor souls from the fanbase need to cross-read through magazine posts and try to catch a fact here and there…

If those new rumors are true i can also filter out some bad news:

Lara Croft is no Tomb Raider anymore!

The Tomb Raider series is now owned by some Japanese publisher, i forgot their name. I guess they have published some bonbon-colored pokemon playing cards before, or Manga puppies made from cheap plastic. Something that way, it doesn’t really matter…

The first thing the guys did to Lara was to take the term “Tomb Raider” away from her. Woot! This seems to be a part of their excitingly brilliant new strategy! Laugh out loud!

I’m not impressed. The new game will be called “Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light”. No Tomb Raider tale in the title. It’s only a little detail but i guess it originally was a “cool” idea of some market strategist or what-else economy expert – which would be a disturbing fact for emotional first-hour Tomb Raider addicts like me.

“Tomb Raider” 9 only downloadable!

Okay, i was a bit too harsh. Only a change of the title shouldn’t be enough to paint Lara in black.

But what really sucks is the fact that “Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light” (couldn’t they find a longer title?) will be available via Download only.

Nobody says it loud though it’s clear to see: The game formerly known as “Tomb Raider” is for consoles only!

Oh, i can be wrong here (i take any bet) but in case i’m right and Tomb Raider 9 LCATGOL is not for PC, then, who ever idiot is responsible for that: Fuck you!

Crystal Dynamics is not to blame!

Let me say it clear, i’m still trusting Crystal Dynamics. With “Tomb Raider Legend” they’ve created a fantastic comeback, “Anniversary” was so full of love and respect to the original game, and “Underworld” will always be one of my personal “best-ever” games.

The guys at Crystal Dynamics really are able to create high quality games and have proofed that they respect the icon Lara Croft very much.

They will somehow manage to create a cool game. If “Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light” will give you the be-loved Tomb Raider feeling again or not, if you still want to call it Tomb Raider 9… the future will tell.

I really hope that CD will stop the mysterious information strategy and spit out tons of relevant news very soon!

And i hope that my whole Tomb Raider 9 analyses is wrong and the big Lara Croft Sellout is only a nasty product of my fantasy.


Official Site: Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light dot com

Image source:, website of Tomb Raider artist Shao Wei Liu

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