ThriXXX reveals SexVilla 3 Teaser!

IMPORTANT: This post is outdated! I only leave it here because it brings nice traffic to my site :) Please visit the startpage to see what’s really going on. It’s hot! Thank you.

A short making-of video gives a nice glance at the long-awaited version 3 of the world’s best virtual sex game…

According to ThriXXX developer Altgurl the third major version of SexVilla is shortly before reaching Alpha status.

The devs still don’t know how to design the ingame editors and creative tools, like PoseEdit and the Sequencer. So the editors that can be seen in the clip are mostly from developer tools and don’t show anything final.

But the video is filled with many small hints that will please the SexVilla addicts and impress many potentially new users…


Just like expected, the completely redesigned 3D-Meshes are rich of polygons = more detailed = more realistic. Compare the faces and breasts of SexVilla 2 and SexVilla 3:


There will be physics in SexVilla 3! Touching and interacting with a body will make it shake :)

Even the new hair will move, but it’s not sure if this is a true gravity effect or only an animation. Anyway, better than the static SV2 hair.


For the base animations ThriXXX uses motion capturing. I’m sure they have a lot of fun doing it :)

It seems that there will be many cool casual poses/animations in the game, like walking, talking, turning around and so on. You might think it’s not important for a sex game but then you’re wrong. Casual animations are very important for movie makers and apart from that, it just looks great and makes the gaming experience so much deeper.

Non-Static locations!

Pretty cool for us story creators is the ability to move furnitures around. I’m still dreaming of a complete location editor where i can create own rooms, houses, universes. Don’t think this will happen, though.

But in a long term ThriXXX plans to add import/export functionality for files made with third-party software. Cool.

SexVilla 3 Teaser – Small Version!

I only show a small limited version of the sv3 teaser, since the original was not meant for a public audience. If you want to watch the original version you should register for SexVilla and join

Still got questions/worries!

There are still some topics i wonder about. I can’t see anything about butt/hips in the teaser. A weak part in SexVilla 2 that got to be improved in version 3.

Also, it was about time for a hair editor, but after all the hair doesn’t look perfect to me. For example: It still moves through the body mesh – which shouldn’t be standard for a market leader.

The same counts for body/pubic hair. It would be nice to get real meshes instead of flat textures.

I also cannot locate too many facts about the lighting/shading system.

And scenes that feature only 3 models – like shown in the video – just aren’t enough. People love multi-person gangbang/groupsex/orgy scenarios.


There are still countless things to talk about. But we only got a pre-alpha teaser here and it’s still hard to tell what SexVilla 3 will feel like.

It seems like ThriXXX is on the right way to pimp up that old SexVilla 2 into a future-stable v3. But it’s way to early to make happy air jumps.

I’m looking forward to more previews and will keep you informed.

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