thriXXX releases best Sexvilla Update ever!

After months/years of complaining, the “Backalley” update will please many disappointed players…

A large and nicely detailed location, good outfits, hair styles, new customizers, atomic cocks, better toy editor and a method to vary the body height of a model…

The latest Sexvilla Update is a feature-rich package that contains many things the community discussed for such a long time! I must confess, i already had stopped believing that features like different body height would ever appear.

Anyway, this update is really superb. I also liked the recent ones, but “Backalley” is just like Sexvilla-Updates always should be. It contains multiple features for both user groups, the casual wank-player and the creator gods :)

Some photos of the new location:

Let’s be honest

Alright, i think it’s a fine update. I’ve said that before. So don’t take the following as trolling or ranting. It’s just a constructive wink at the not-so-good things…

Well, there is still no butt customizer. I really wonder why, since there actually are new butt animation functions in Pose Edit. Is this yet another “atomic will break outfits” argument? We’ve heard it all before and it’s still bullshit :)

The buttock animation is a cool step into the right direction, that’s for sure. But a true butt customizer would be so much better.

Another thing i don’t like is the sloppy made 3D-Mesh of the outfits. Well, at least it looks a bit sloppy, not too smooth. Also, you can see through the backside of the fabric, which should not happen if you consider yourself being a 3D-Company:

I technically understand the reason why body height can only be attached in Pose Edit – and cannot be a usual body customizer value. But to create really unique models who keep their body height through many different poses, it will be necessary to save the limb values separately. The same way like faces and outfit combinations are saved separately.

So long, thriXXX, well done! Thanks for listening to the “small” part of the community and caring about their wishes.

If you want the full feature list, check out the official site.

If you still don’t have Sexvilla, download its free trial here and have a naughty time ;)

Oh, before i forget, the Backalley Update will be heavily featured in SEXXI 5, coming soon on! Set a bookmark ;-)

Thanks for reading.

Author: MaXsiM

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