The Tale Of The 3 Elfish Sisters!

Finally i have huge news for all my lovely “Luisa & The Elfish Spell” Fans.

I’ve added a new page to the homepage of that spectacular machinima erotic comic, It provides you with the secrets and wonders that are behind the story, the wonderful magic of the 3 elfish sisters Raniae, Eaewen and Aniel.

You can open the book here or read more about it in this post…

Map of Aemrawen!

You can even explore the interactive Map of Aemrawen, hover the mouse over its sights and learn many interesting things about the elfish land and the creatures that are/were living there.

The Map also has spots at places where something happened in the story… for example where Sybil fell down on the slippery ground.

I have drawn whole Aemrawen but of course you will only be able to explore those parts that already appeared in the Episodes. I know that this might hurt you but i think it’s much more exciting this way.

It’s also possible that i open more regions of Aemrawen before a new episode is released to give you a few more hints and power up your fantasy…

Work in progress!

After all, the Map of Aemrawen as well as the rest of the “3 Sisters” page is work in progress, i will add more and more content from time to time.

If you have ideas or wishes, if you want to learn more about this and that, don’t hesitate to write a comment or send a mail.

The Reason!

The whole current “Dreams of Luisa” adventure is highly inspired by the “3 Sisters” Story.

Although the sexual part of the story is still the most important and unique thing (the next episode will burst your pants again!), a good and well-considered storyline ever has been a brand of the “Dreams of Luisa” series as well.

This time i combine Luisa’s real world happenings with the mysterious world of the elves. But it’s too hard to tell you everything about Aemrawen in the main story, there are way too many details. So i decided to create an extra page that holds all the secrets and spells. People who are mainly looking for the sexual illustrations won’t get bored from too much non-erotic content this way…

…and people who are deeply interested in all aspects of “Dreams of Luisa” will find loads of extra stuff now – on the “3 Sisters” page.

A hint for fans (contains spoilers)!

I still have written 6 more episodes (8 all in all), the next one is called “Elfish Spell 3 – Lavender Grove”…

I’m sure that many of you ask what will happen in that upcoming episode. Well, i can tell you, check out the “3 Sisters” page. It holds many hints about Episode 3 – Lavender Grove!

I am even sure that it is absolutely possible to figure out who the elves are. Yes, one or two or three elves already appeared in the first 2 Episodes!

Really, if you read about the elves and their attributes and watch the story carefully, it’s very obvious ;-)

On the other hand, if you are afraid of spoilers, don’t worry. Of course the future episodes will lift up every secret step by step.

So far, have fun on

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