The official Elfish Spell 3 Poster!

This is it, the poster of the third episode of the erotic machinima comic “Luisa & The Elfish Spell” which is the hottest picture story that’s shot only with virtual characters in a wonderful machinima world.

Elfish Spell 3 - Lavender Grove

You can find the first 2 Episodes “The Traveler’s Stone” and “The White Nightmare” exclusively on and watch the censored (but still very hot) online versions for free. Yes, for free. No registration or subscription required…

Erotic Story like no other!

If you want you can also visit the Elfish Spell Shop and purchase an unlimited Director’s Cut for less than a hand full of Dollars or Euros. But pay attention that you don’t get your fingers burned! Or even other parts of your body!

You won’t find erotic content like that anywhere else. Elfish Spell is not like all the normal porn with tons of girls who just spread their legs without true emotions.

Yes, Elfish Spell is about Sex and only features computer generated characters – but it tells a fine story about love, hate, passion and magic. It’s fantasy but nothing for kids… Disney-Fans better stay out.

BTW: More than 40% of Elfish Spell viewers are female. And they do enjoy the sexy illustrations, they are active parts of Luisa’s (Name of the main character) Fanbase. Is it enough proof for the quality you will get?

Lavender Grove Poster!

The third episode is called “Lavender Grove” and the official poster features virtual actress Hyen Young (Kim) on top.

The pose was inspired by an earlier shot of Hyen which got more than 900 views in only a few weeks on

Hyen Young plays the mysterious bodyguard Kim. We will see her again in Lavender Grove.
Hyen Young plays the mysterious bodyguard Kim - soon in Lavender Grove.

The full size poster can be found here >>>

Become a fan now and dive into the world of magic and erotic like never seen before!

Visit for more and have a really sexy time there ;-)

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