The best places to visit in Risen!

Heard about “Risen” yet?

It’s an old-fashioned single player action role-playing game for PC and XBox, created by Piranha Bytes, the same guys who also have made the famous “Gothic”-Series a few years ago.

Well, for me Risen is pretty much the same like Gothic 1 & 2, which is a good thing. The game has 100% the same feel, except the fight system which is much better than in Gothic.

I just finished my first round as bandit/sword fighter and already started a second round where i want to try the magician career.

But before i do so let me set up the free cam mode and visit some of my favorite places in Risen…

If you are planning to play Risen better don’t read this post, it contains a lot of spoilers. Click on the pics for better resolution.

Coast and Sara’s (first) Refuge!

The first important place in Risen is this deserted house not far from the beach where you and Sara were washed up. You leave Sara here because it’s too dangerous for her to move along… well, it’s also dangerous for you but, you know, she’s a woman… you’re a man :-)

Harbor City!

The main capital of the Faranga Island is simply called Harbor City. Although i’m missing the small alley ways of Khorinis (Gothic 2), it’s still a wonderful town with many quests to explore. Picture shows a part of the upper quarter.

Harbor District!

This is the harbor district in the evening light. Daytime-Lighting and weather changes are brilliant made in Risen.

Patty’s Bar!

At first Patty seems to be only a young, pretty – and little bit wayward – bar owner. But you will learn quickly that Patty is so much more. Definitely the strongest character (apart from Cardinal Mendoza and your avatar) in the game. And a very good companion.

Donna Sonja’s Brothel!

In Sonja’s whorehouse, located in the harbor district, you can have fun for 50 Gold and get information for 10 Gold. There’s also some work to do: Rescue the poor girls from brutal Erikson. A secret tunnel can also be found in this house of red light…

Marvin’s Hideout!

Not only that Marvin ran away from home, he also stole a ring from an undead lord who is appearing in terrible nightmares every night since then. But at least Marvin found this beautiful cottage in the dangerous east forest. It’s the perfect place when you need to rest from hunting.

West Coast Ruins and Jungle!

You can’t find a better place to build a luxury seaside hotel and vacation apartments. People will love to visit the west coast of Faranga; waterfalls, beaches, beautiful landscape… if there weren’t those armies of undead skeleton fighters and hordes of other beasts around. So grab your sword or better move over to Mallorca.

East Tunnel!

When you want to travel to the east you need to cross this tunnel. If you still got all your body parts once after you reached this entrance you can be lucky. If you are still alive after crossing the tunnel you’re probably in God-Mode. No, it’s not too hard and worth a few tries. And still the prettiest look into a cave in Risen.

Big Hanging Bridge!

This big hanging bridge connects the mainland with the mysterious east-peninsular where the Gyrger is doing mischief. Wooo! Are you afraid? You don’t need to because the excellent hunter Rupert will help you.

Gyrger Castle!

At the end of the east-peninsular you will find the rotten castle of the legendary Gyrger. You and Rupert have to fight a lot to stay alive. I remember this was the first underground level where i left happy thinking “Wow, that was cool.”

East Swamp Valley!

Next to the buried East Temple – another great place – is a huge swamp area. It looks nice on this screenshot but when i visited it the first time it was at night and the weather was bad. I couldn’t see much in the fog… and so i couldn’t see the attack coming… Bog-Bodies and gigantic Rottworms.


The volcano in the center of Faranga is the perfect place for some exciting adventure trips. Hiking, Cave Exploration, Hunting, whatever you want. Don’t miss to visit the volcano temple, the magicians will welcome you (no matter if you want or not)…

Volcano Temple!

The home of magicians, templars and the most powerful man in Risen: Inquisitor Mendoza. The temple keeps the holy fire and if you’re enlightened enough you can become a magician as well. Anyway, the day will come when you are even stronger than Mendoza.

Old Library!

I love staying in the old library below the volcano temple. It’s a great place for learning and studying magical formulas, you can even practice a few important spells. Tipp: In chapter 3 some ugly, brutal and overskilled Lizard-Fighters will teach you some lessons about pain.

Subterranean Lizard Village!

Deep down under the rocks of the volcano you need to free a contorted village from Lizard-Fighters. But the habitants don’t like to discuss the topic with you. You have to use other methods… killing, for example. When it’s done what had to be done have a look around and enjoy the silent beauty of the cave village.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you are interested to play Risen as well, have a look at or visit your local dealer.

Thanks for reading.

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