How to make a sexy GIF in Photoshop!

I’ve recently made some sexy gif-animations for and you might wonder how i did it.

Well, i’ve made it with the porn game/editor Sexvilla and Photoshop. Here’s my short step-by-step tutorial.

But first let me start with explaining the background of the project…

I don’t like gif-porn too much. Perhaps because so many gifs are just crappy in my opinion. Anyway, if you’re a pose maker you are always looking for ways that make you come up with better, more realistic and organic poses and animations.

I recently found out that gifs are very helpful when it comes to animating. Because they are focusing at only a few seconds of action and are originally made to celebrate a very cool looking scene. This makes gifs being perfect templates for animators.

So i simply started this project to learn from gifs how to create better animations…

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General SimPose Tips – Not only for beginners!

Let’s talk about SimPose. Or, to make this post less specific, let’s also talk about posing in general… Posing of virtual models, avatars or however you call those sexy digital bunnies.

This post starts a small series of workshops about the methods i use to do 3D-Art.

How can you create good-looking poses? How can you compose a whole scenery? How do i pimp up the hot bodies of my models? How do i create all those wonderful virtual smut?

You want to know? I’m going to tell you…

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Creating a sheet of paper in Photoshop!


To promote the upcoming super blockbuster “Luisa 6” (working title) i’ve released a letter from Lena Luv today which you can read on her homepage.

To make it look like a “real” letter i needed to create a sheet of paper in Photoshop.

I will describe how you can make your own virtual letter paper as well – in only a few minutes; it’s pretty easy…

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SimPose 2: How to import a Sim-Model / Part 2

Master Class Part 6

After a busy week i’m back with the next part of the SimPose Workshop.

Don’t forget to read the other tutorials about SimPose 2 and also install the Sims-Tool SimPe because you will need it now.

We will extract the required 3D-Meshes of the sims and open them in SimPose 2. We are going to look for 3 Meshes (Body, Face, Hair) which together form a complete Sim-Model…

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