Luisa B. Promo Trailer

My little few videos on youtube generated about 250k views, so i thought it would be a good idea to make a short Luisa B. clip as a reminder for the yt audience.

I’d love to create more videos but it’s a bit complicated to publish on youtube when you’re in my genre. I’ve age-restricted the clip like i did with all my clips but who knows…

Technically, the clip was made in Photoshop. It’s an animation that frames i’ve exported as 100% jpegs which i imported in Windows Movie Maker. I love the WMM and still believe that it is one of the best video editors around. Free (on Windows Systems), intuitive, simple but powerful.

The clip also contains a snippet of  Luisa B’s original title track. You can hear the whole track in the member area (i repeat myself when i say that it’s free) of

Making of… Luisa and the Wicked Game!

MaXsiM can be seen live on, creating non-nude scenes…

I’m currently creating the upcoming porn comic “Luisa and the Wicked Game” for and thought it would be nice to live stream some of the work i do inside Sexvilla.

And of course all fans of Luisa will get an exclusive look at some of the “Wicked Game” characters and settings. No dialogs shown, so i won’t spoiler too much :)

I create only photo poses to make a comic book from. No animations and…

…obviously i am not allowed to show nudes but anyway, you will be given an very close look into the brilliant made PoseEdit Editor and all its many many possibilities.

But check out this post, because i will add some final photos as well as working stages and descriptions. And perhaps also nude shots that happened after the stream ended :)

You can try Sexvilla yourself, get the free trial here:

I will announce the live stream on twitter. So follow me there or follow my tweets in the sidebar on the front page.

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ThriXXX reveals SexVilla 3 Teaser!

IMPORTANT: This post is outdated! I only leave it here because it brings nice traffic to my site :) Please visit the startpage to see what’s really going on. It’s hot! Thank you.

A short making-of video gives a nice glance at the long-awaited version 3 of the world’s best virtual sex game…

According to ThriXXX developer Altgurl the third major version of SexVilla is shortly before reaching Alpha status.

The devs still don’t know how to design the ingame editors and creative tools, like PoseEdit and the Sequencer. So the editors that can be seen in the clip are mostly from developer tools and don’t show anything final.

But the video is filled with many small hints that will please the SexVilla addicts and impress many potentially new users…

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Video: How To Create a Simple Stand/Talk Animation!

The second part of my “Look over shoulder” Let’s Pose SexVilla videos is ready…

I’m creating a simple pose of somebody standing and talking calmly. This can be used in the SexVilla Sequencer and in movies with non-sex parts.

The video is again in real-time and of course you can make the animation much better with a bit more patience.