Up and cuming…

Fans of my digital smut can look forward to new stories…

It’s autumn again, i have that curious look into the folder that contains my unfinished projects, get a shock and – in serious panic – i try to finish as much as i can until the year is ‘suddenly’ over :)

So my task list is well filled, i have a shitload to do! No promises here, but here are the stories i’m currently working on:


The sixth issue of the Sexvilla Fan Magazine will feature the Indian model Esha on the front page, the oriental princess is going to be double banged. I plan to release the mag by the end of October.


Calendar 14

Two years ago i started the calendar project and (like all of my stuff *crazylaugh*) it turned out to be very successful :) Since there won’t be a new Demon Hunter story this year i think about making a Demon Hunter Calendar ’14 instead. I so love the Demon Hunter theme!

You can still download the 12′ and ’13 calendars here: Calendar 12 | Calendar 13

Dreams of Luisa – revived 2 – Luisa and the Wicked Game!

Fans already know that ‘Wicked Game’ is half way done. I recently installed a cute progress bar on dreamsofluisa.com to show what’s going on. A new website for the next episode is already finished technically. Both, website and ‘Wicked Game’ are planned to be released in December.


This year i really had trouble to create enough stories for Lena Luv’s Club. Other projects and real life simply had higher priority. But after all, there are stories for clublena.com in that ‘unfinished projects’ folder and i try to release one or two of them soon.

Well, the main thing is still ‘Luisa and the Wicked Game’. It’s a tough job and i still have some miles to go, but the download rates recently exploded which gives me an extra motivation.