Video: How To Create a Simple Stand/Talk Animation!

The second part of my “Look over shoulder” Let’s Pose SexVilla videos is ready…

I’m creating a simple pose of somebody standing and talking calmly. This can be used in the SexVilla Sequencer and in movies with non-sex parts.

The video is again in real-time and of course you can make the animation much better with a bit more patience.

Video: Let’s Pose SexVilla – How to create a sexy pose!

Look over my shoulder when i create one of my sexy poses in SexVilla’s PoseEdit!

I’m currently working on a couple of new stories and just thought i let you watch me creating a sexy pose in 3d SexVilla 2. I also give you some tips, in case you want to try it yourself…

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Master Class Foreword!

Master Class Part 1

Welcome to the MXM Master Class of Sims Art, the ultimate workshop series for creative heads, sims junkies and other freaks! It’s great that you want to learn everything about posing, picture manipulation, story telling and further more related topics.

I’m going to show you my hottest tricks, as well as many general information which will make you able to produce your own stories (and much more) the way you want…

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