A tumblr checklist to avoid the worst

This is a reminder that you should not post your precious original content only and foremost on tumblr or any other free platform. I’ve chosen tumblr.com as an example here, because of my experiences with it.

The 3Dx community loves tumblr. Every day new 3Dx accounts appear on the scene, reposters as well as creators. The reasons are simple, tumblr is free, looks cool, is easy to handle and there’s a huge community. It feels great to receive likes and reposts quickly.

I agree, expecially for beginners it’s cool to start simple and check out how the people react to the content…

But after all – and there’s no doubt about it – your content always belongs on your own personal homepage! The reason is: Censorship and sudden account termination.

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WTF Yahoo?

I’m really starting to love that company Yahoo. Those guys just don’t stop trying to bother me with censorship. Funny thing, after the disaster i experienced with tumblr last year, i take it very easy with those services (namely tumblr and flickr).

Well, i joined tumblr again for these reasons and got invited to flickr by the superb 3Dx Artist Clare3dx, so i started a new round of the “let’s see how terrible Yahoo really is” game :)

But i was careful. I’ve set my flickr account to “restricted” from the start and double-checked it. I also uploaded only soft pics so far. Anyway, i received the mail from the flickr censorship headquarter, notifying that my account has been set to “moderate”. WTF Yahoo?

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How i returned to tumblr…

…and why?

Short story: Many, if not most, 3Dx Artists are still trusting tumblr and releasing their works on that not-so-cool-than-it-seems (but it’s free, hey!) blogging platform. I want to support those artists with likes and reblogs, so i’ve created a new account, after my old one was deleted by tumblr many months ago.

Long story: I was a tumblr for many years, joined when it was brand new, and i liked it. I ran a few sexy photo blogs that were quite successful, and i really took care about proper source linking and all that right from the start. I also had my ‘smutboard’ and another blog on which i released some of my original stuff…

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