New servers for thriXXX’ sites and games!

After months of beta-testing, thriXXX is making a big move…

thriXXX’ latest software, the Sexchat-Game “Chathouse 3D”, has left the beta phase and will hit their online store during the next days.

Only a new product, nothing special so far. But the small Austrian company is also about to integrate their years-old community forum (which also holds hundreds of thousands custom-made items) into the brand new site, which is going to become the central site of the thriXXX universe.

Also, their flagship “3D Sexvilla 2” will also be part of the move! From June 4 on, the game cannot be started the normal way anymore. Instead, players will be forced to use the new game launcher. The idea is to make it easier for players to learn about thriXXX’ other games as well. And to have everything at one place. Basically a good thing, but…

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A brisant but catchy theory…

Over the past few days i had a nice work flow on the upcoming Dreams of Luisa story “Wicked Game”. Today i was just in the middle of one of the non-sex scenes when suddenly my Sexvilla game crashed. Oops.

Well, it didn’t really crash, it virtually just stopped working. The program switched to the main menu where some buttons simply disappeared. After a restart i couldn’t log in anymore. WTF?

When you run Sexvilla for a couple of hours it often happens that it crashes due to ram overflow. That’s the reason i save my scene every minute or so. But today i figured out that the game crashed because of a broken internet connection.

One of the worst aspects, one of the most hated “features” of 3D Sexvilla 2 is that it requires a constant online connection to thriXXX’s servers. That’s a bad manner that forces people to connect to the internet for playing. It’s bad bad bad for many reasons.

Since my internet connection is still working i learned that the thriXXX servers went off today. While i’m writing this, they are down for about 3 hours. That’s fucking long and i started to think about the reasons.

You know what? I think thriXXX has been Ddos’ed! Something like that…

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Realistic thoughts on SexVilla 3!

Since ThriXXX still has a lazy public relations department, i will make my own SexVilla 3 News…

There’s much fuzz going on in the official SexVilla Forums on When people start talking about SexVilla 3 they quickly shoot over the target and get lost in unrealistic, naive ideas.

I have sorted out some heavy points about the announced “3D SexVilla 3” porn game. I just analyzed the very few official statements, added my own experience as a 3D/game/art watcher/modder/creator and compared it with the statements of some down-to-earth community members.

Here’s what i found out…

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SexVilla2: End-of-season sale at higher prices!

ThriXXX silently raised prices and missed to send out a statement…

I don’t want to blame the people at ThriXXX, which is a very small company, working secretly somewhere in the beautiful mountains of  Tyrol, wearing dark sun glasses and acting like assassins. That’s okay.

I respect them very much for being able to create such a great piece of software like SexVilla 2.

But they are not able to follow the simplest rules about public relation and marketing. In fact, they have no idea what to with all that social media shit and how to keep a game community healthy and warm.

They just lifted up prices for SexVilla and didn’t say anything about that. Some user had to find out about it, thinking it was a bug or something like that. Even worse, ThriXXX ignores the rage, hides somewhere behind Austrian rocks. Unfortunately i must say, that’s their usual behavior when it comes to uncomfortable discussions. Of course, most of those angry discussions come from ThriXXX’s unhealthy PR. It’s a doom loop.

ThriXXX, that “Sex sells” slogan is from the last millennium. And waiting until people get over it is just lame and ignorant. Bad style.

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