Wrong Link? Try the site search!

Since a while i notice that many visitors arrive my blog via Google or other search engines, but unfortunately following a wrong link that leads only to an error page.

I don’t know why that happens. I provide proper sitemaps to Google and all the stats in my admin area look alright. Still trying to figure out what’s wrong.

Anyway, i’m very sorry if you couldn’t find the content you were looking for. Error pages are really annoying, for new visitors in special.

So i’ve installed a site search in the right sidebar, please use it to dig deeper into mxm-studios.com and finally find the right post.

Say Hi to Luisa’s new story and site!

I don’t want to wake you from your beauty sleep, but my new story, the successor of Dreams of Luisa, Luisa B. is now ready to rock!

Register on the dedicated website Luisa3D.com, it’s free as well as watching the interactive episode “best friends” online.

Please note:

After the first few hours it appears that some people don’t receive their activation mail. It seems to happen with web.de, yahoo and some private domain mails, while gmail works nicely. I’m working on it to find out what’s wrong…

If you don’t get your activation mail within reasonable time, write a letter to office(at)mxm-studios.com from the mail address you’ve registered with and include your username. I will activate you manually and let you know.

I will be back later with more things to tell about Luisa B., right now i’m too busy and also a bit tired ;)

When i appeared on another blog!

It’s always nice when you get noticed…

UPDATE: But it’s not nice to see that the site that supported you, doesn’t exist anymore. Sorry, but the blog i mention in this post has gone off.

Sometimes it happens that i don’t check my twitter timeline for a few days. When i finally did, my sleepy eyes noticed a tweet from the webmaster of the porn blog “Porn is my Nirvana“, requesting some expressive photos and a short bio of mine for a blog post.

I have been mentioned here and there before, but it’s always nice when you get noticed by people who actually invest time and effort to support you.

You never know when that happens, so it was a bit embarrassing that i let the good man wait for a couple of days. After a straight conversation via twitter and mail (internet communication is a good thing, you know) we got things together and…

Well, there’s a nice post about me on “Porn is my Nirvana”, containing some very hot pictures, and i really recommend to read it >>>

I also want to take the chance to encourage you webmasters, bloggers, facebookers out there to walk in pornismynirvana’s steps and get out of your lazy bed! If you run a site about porn and/or virtual art and stuff, just contact me for info and imagery.

I know you’re always looking for a catchy topic to write your next post about… and i will embrace you with my loving arms :p