SEXXI Special Released!

Only a short notice that i’ve finished the SEXXI Dreams of Luisa Special Edition and released it on

This extravagant issue is double-sized and available for free in English and German.

The Website has been relaunched as well. The new layout features a cool jquery Carousel, better presentation pages and a German area.

Check it out :)

What’s up for November?

Hi everybody! This is my traditional “huh-this-year-is-ending-soon-so-what-am-i-gonna-do” post :)

I’m not good at keeping deadlines. No matter how big or small my task list is, i always run out of time and miss the deadline. My only excuse is that MXM is a hobby, and hobbies always go behind real life.

But no worries. Over the years i’ve learned that stress isn’t good, so i try to have as much fun as i can and see where it all leads me to…

Well, the end of the year 2014 leads me to SEXXI. This little SexVilla PDF Fanmagazine really is a story of success when i look at the download counter. It’s only beaten by “Dreams of Luisa”, the story that celebrates its 10th anniversary this winter… Continue reading “What’s up for November?”

A Magazine, a special edition and an Anniversary!

After 3 long months there is finally a new wave of activity in the studio

The year of Luisa’s 10th Anniversary started much slower than it was planned. Same reason like always: Real Life :)

So let’s look forward. Like i’ve said, 2014 is the 10th Anniversary of my erotic story “Dreams of Luisa” – given that i remember everything correctly.

This very special year will see a new Dreams of Luisa Story and – Hoopa! – the progress bar on has made a good jump forward, straight into the post-production area. Soon i can print out an release date!

When the new story “Wicked Game” will be released, the website will also get a relaunch to make everything look good for this event.

And that’s not all. I already started working on a special edition of SEXXI which will be fully dedicated to the “DoL” universe and history. But i want to make clear that this special issue will probably appear a long time after “Wicked Game” came out. That’s mainly because of the planned content – which is huge!

But the first thing that’s going to happen is SEXXI 7! It’s almost finished and will be released next week. Update: SEXXI 7 is here! Download it in English or German.

Again, many thanks for your patience and support. Take care.