More – and hotter – poses for you!

My dear reader and passionate Luisa-Fan Elisabeth asked last week if i could send her some love poses which she could take to create own sex scenes more easily in SimPose. I wanted to do this since ages and so i sat down and created 12 beautiful sex poses from scratch.

The collection was made for a female/male couple and contains 2 blowjob poses, 2 missionary poses, 3 riding poses and 5 more. I know that 12 are not enough  – but it’s a start. After all, the poses look good from all sides and you can choose “Flip Horizontal” in Photoshop to mirror them. Of course you will need to change some positions of the models, depending on the meshes you use.

I really hope you like the pose package, check out the screenshots and download everything on >>>

General SimPose Tips – Not only for beginners!

Let’s talk about SimPose. Or, to make this post less specific, let’s also talk about posing in general… Posing of virtual models, avatars or however you call those sexy digital bunnies.

This post starts a small series of workshops about the methods i use to do 3D-Art.

How can you create good-looking poses? How can you compose a whole scenery? How do i pimp up the hot bodies of my models? How do i create all those wonderful virtual smut?

You want to know? I’m going to tell you…

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Download: 10 Basic Poses for SimPose!

10 Basic Standing Poses – the SimPose starter package!

Okay, you asked for it. It seems that people still take my SimPose Masterclass posts to guide them through their first steps in that legendary vintage posing program.

I am very happy about it! Thanks for the support, i am always glad when i can help. Please don’t hesitate to send your suggestions in.

Over the last 3 days i’ve been working on “Elfish Spell 4 – The Return” and i think i can take a short break to satisfy all those SimPose addicts of you…

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