Bang! Foursomes in Sexvilla!

This one came in with a bang!

After long months and months without a real Sexvilla update, thriXXX finally surprised everybody with something cool, something that players really urgently were begging for since years:


sexvilla-foursome-updateYou can now have 4 people in a scene (instead of “only” 3) and some users already started to make custom poses for that. That’s a good thing because it’s really much work to come up with cool/hot foursome poses. So don’t forget to thank the custom creators for their dedicated work!

Another nice thing about Sexvilla’s Foursome Update is, that it only costs 5,000 sexcoins (that’s about 5,- $/€). It’s not too expensive but hey! I didn’t say that, ok? ;)

For me personally the update comes much too late, since i’m not an active player anymore, only sticking around with the community sometimes. But if you’re still a Sexvilla player or you just want to become one – the foursome update is definately a big fat pro-argument! I wouldn’t hesitate to get it.

You can simply get 3D Sexvilla 2 here.

What you were searching for in 2015

Let’s close the year 2015 by looking at the top search terms that made people find mxm-studios.

I don’t do much optimization, simply write what i want. So it’s great to see that it works anyway and people arrive from all over the world in search for newd 3Dx pixels :)

It seems i have mainly three most wanted topics here:

  1. Luisa B.
  2. Sexvilla 3
  3. Lara Croft

Luisa gets attention!

It’s really cool that people are actually searching for all things Luisa. Terms like Dreams of Luisa, Luisa B., Morning Fever, Luisa Sex, Luisa Comic and many variations more. People, i can tell you: You’ve found the right place! Dreams of Luisa still exists, but has been transformed into “Luisa B.”, 2 episodes (“Best Friends”, “Morning Fever”) are live so far, more to come on the dedicated website Thanks for your interest!

People (still) urging Sexvilla 3!

I just repeat myself. Every year i tell people that Sexvilla 3 will NOT come. The company thriXXX is making 3D Chathouse Roulette and spending all their ressources into its development. Not the slightest little hint about SV3 since years (!). I believe i am the only person in the world who still mentions Sexvilla 3 every now and then. This may be the reason Sexvilla seekers find my site. I like that! May you find many interesting things around here :)

On the other hand, other sexvilla related search terms are also very strong, people want to know virtually everything about that naughty game. Costs, Downloads, Pics, Stuff, Tutorials. So far thriXXX wasn’t able to destroy the brand, though they try really hard ;)

BTW: Almost nobody is looking for Chathouse. Quite a few do, that’s right, and i love to have them on my sites, Chathousers are nice people too. But related to Sexvilla, Chathouse isn’t worth mentioning. That’s what my search stats say.

Laura Croft and Lara Crest… uhm…

The digital area has created many female heroes and pop-cultural icons, but none has every reached that absolute superstar-status of Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft. Girls and Boys, everybody loves her! I think that every 3D-Artist has some Tomb Raider Fanfiction in the portfolio, may it be erotic or not. Lara is such a huge inspiration, she’s so much more than only boobs… she has a nice butt as well :D

So it’s no wonder that many people are looking for TR-related art, especially when it’s some of the naughty sort. And since the Internet seems to be so overfilled with 3Dx Laras, it’s even better that still many people make their way to mxm.

My Demon Hunter Laura Crest works has just been re-released!


The search for sexy Tomb Hunters, uhm, Demon Raiders… makes me wonder. When i love that “action-girl” setting so much, and people from everywhere just never get tired of it, why not making a Demon Hunter remake in 3Dx? It’s fun to create and there seems to be an audience for it. Well… perhaps next year ;p

To be honest, it surprises me a lot to see the large amount of Sexvilla-related search terms. Not that i worry about it, no no. It still is a cool game, but it’s amusing, that so many people still looking for Sexvilla 3. Give it up, guys, there’s no hope ;)

That the word about Luisa B. is making its round is a big success for me. To see that people all around the globe go searching for Luisa comics just feels nice and motivating! I’m working hard to make the episodes and website as enjoyable as possible. To be continued in 2016…

Thanks for reading, have a great 2016 everybody! See you soon.

The change is going to happen!

You’ve probably heard of my eraXXX plans. I’m currently having much fun with DAZ Studio and the endless opportunities it has to offer. My virtual world of smut is going through some changes.

I’ve made a list of facts that i try to balance out:


  • After all, i’ve created 100 or more renders with DAZ and would say that it feels comfortable to use this beast of a program.
  • I could also make very beautiful models of three of my main characters. Check out Lena Luv as Gypsy Queen >>>
  • Previews and additional photos have been released, a new Dreams of Luisa story is almost finished and officially announced.
  • I’ve invested more than 1.000,- to get the starter content i need. That should quickly pay off with great content.
  • SexVilla is still a nice tool (and apart from what noobs say, it is much cheaper and way easier to use than DAZ), but let’s face the facts: It doesn’t seem to be under development anymore. thriXXX doesn’t say so, but everybody knows. There is always a bit of hope… but anyway, not enough news i could count on.


So, if you read these list it is pretty much clear that my future is called DAZ and 3D modeling. It looks like i’m finally a real 3D Artist :)

Of course, this will have an impact on my projects! So here’s another list with the changes that are likely to happen:


  • I will create only with DAZ from now on, but…
  • SEXXI 8 will still be made with SexVilla.
  • After that i will stop creating with SexVilla on a regular basis.
  • I will continue supporting SexVilla because i believe it is a very good program for many.
  • SEXXI is meant to be a SexVilla fan magazine. I don’t know if/how i can continue it after issue 8.
  • I still love the “Demon Hunter” scenario but realized that in the 3D world such “Lara Croft goes porn” stories already exist by the hundreds. Project not canceled, but also no plans yet.
  • Continuing “Dreams of Luisa” is the main thing i’m doing. I have a concept for new DoL stories and still stick to my flagship Luisa B. forever :)
  • On the other hand, the planned “Luisa and the Venus Guild” episode is most likely to be canceled -> but in favor to the new eraXXX concept.


Well, after reading this wall of text i can resume that i really do make the move from SexVilla to DAZ. That’s all.

Until now i was only testing (like i already did 2 years ago) and trying. But now it feels just normal to create with DAZ.

You, who like my stories and art, must say goodbye to some things. But you can also look forward to stunning new stuff that’s coming!

Thanks for reading this post, i hope i still got you ;)

Answering my site statistics

I don’t care much about site statistics. Well, that’s not true. I find them very interesting, i just don’t study them on a daily basis to react on every little change of numbers.

Today it was that time again when i looked into the stats and i thought it could be a nice idea to write about some stat facts and answer the most demanded search terms.

Before i start i want to add that i of course do check the download rates of my porn comics. They are all doing pretty good which i find very motivating :)

People searching for MXM smut!

The first statistic that really pleases me are the search stats. People are actively looking for my comics and other smut on Google and other search engines. That is, what can i say? Wow! Thank you for your support and addiction!

The top makes – have a guess – “Dreams of Luisa“. People are still searching for the “White Angel” episode, although there is a newer episode “Wicked Game” out. Both can be found on the dedicated website, download is free and with no tricks. I say that because people are looking for “free download” of the comic, which makes me guess that some bastards out there are trying to sell my >>> free <<< stuff. Anyway, go to, that’s all.

The old vintage episodes are still available on but i have plans to move those rotten flash files over to the original site. The current presentation of my story flagship is a shame and i feel sorry for that.

BTW, did you know that Luisa’s latest episode “Wicked Game” has been downloaded a couple of thousand times already? :p

Demon Hunter

Laura Crest’s latest adventure “Fangs of the Harpy” is also available on But since so many people are searching for my “Tomb Raider” porn parody, you can just download the pdf here:
Demon Hunter 2 English | Demon Hunter 2 Deutsch

And, if people don’t find the SEXXI magazine on its original site, they luckily arrive here. All is good. Except visitors from Germany, so let me add this in German:

He du! Wenn du das SEXXI Magazin in deutscher Sprache suchst, das gibt es kostenlos auf Viel Vergnügen :)

Sexvilla now and Sexvilla in the future!

People are virtually breaking through my open doors when it comes to all things “Sexvilla”. I have written many posts about the up and downs of this – still brilliantly made – Virtual Sex Editor.

But “Sexvilla 3” (different spellings counted together) is the strongest search term that comes in. So here is what i know about 3D Sexvilla 3 now, in August 2014:

It was canceled a long time ago and remains to be only a dream, a fantasy, a rumor. Everything you saw in the “Sexvilla 3 Teaser Video” about 2 and a half years ago has no meaning anymore. This is sad, but it is the truth.

The developer studio thriXXX decided to create the Sex Chat Platform “Chathouse 3D Roulette” instead. Chathouse is already online but i fear that future development will completely go into this new “game”, leaving Sexvilla far behind. Sexvilla and Chathouse are pretty much different things, but try out Chathouse anyway. With the real state of mind it can be much fun.

This all leads to another search term, “Sexvilla 2014“. Well, it was a hard year for thriXXX so far, and it was even harder for Sexvilla 2 players. Really, there wasn’t an update since almost a year. In June we suddenly found 2 new hairstyles and new tatoos in the shop. No official statement, no announcement, nothing about Sexvilla at all. What we can expect in the next months? I am totally clueless and only happy, that my game still runs fine and my production routine isn’t affected too much.

Random finds

Some folks still want to know… but i gave up modding The Sims(tm) in 2010. I even haven’t played the game since then and there are no plans to move back. It was a nice time, but sorry ;)

The best way to find Sexvilla instructions is called learning by doing :) But if you look deep enough into my numerous sites and join the new official community site, you will find help.

Finally a few numbers for the nerds: This site receives about 1000+ pageviews a day. Top days go up to over 3000. Unique visitors are always between 100 and 200 noses each and every day, which is pretty cool.

Most visitors speak English, followed by people with a – surprise – Russian tongue. The third big group obviously comes – aha! Da seid ihr ja! – from the German speaking area, followed by France (so pardon that i don’t speak your wonderful language) and Spain (also no habla Espanol, so sorry about that).

I also get a notable amount of visitors from the United Arabian Emirates, Iran and Belarus, only to name a few of the more “exotic” states. Hey, i love that you’re here! Take care, okay? ;)

No matter from where they are, most are on Windows 7 and use Firefox. Linux beats Max OS X and Chrome is the second strongest browser.

And 1451 horny little smut addicts have subscribed to my rss feed. Even though i am on twitter, which is so much cooler than rss :)

Let me end this statwank with two bad points. The first is, that some guy/robot/idiot continues to try to hack into the backend of this site. The attacker comes from the Ukraine, which makes me very sad since i have friends there. Anyway, no harm done so far. The second bad thing is even worse! Way too many people are still using the Internet Explorer 6! Important message to all of those: Please go away. Get a modern browser before you come back. Never use IE6 ever again.

So, this was my short trip through my latest site statistics. I hope it wasn’t too boring. Thanks for reading, stay horny ;)