SV2: February Update Preview!

A new Sexvilla Update is coming. It’s the most important for ThriXXX!

UPDATE: Added an Outfit Preview Photo.

UPDATE 2: Added a Hair-Style Preview Photo.

Here’s the very first view into the upcoming Sexvilla location. It’s some coffee shop, downtown restaurant:

Sexvilla February Update

Very nice. It looks like this is one of the bigger locations, with many side rooms and great details. It seems to be perfect for story makers like me and i’m looking forward to it…

Here’s also a preview of two new outfits:


I like both outfits. A normal T-Shirt for girls (has been overdue), hot pants, a not-too-short-but-still-sexy skirt and some new shoes that all girls would want to have in their collection :)

Hair Style Preview

Two new hair styles will also be on board. Finally new shoulder-long hair! The left one may look like a modern version of a wig that already exists but it will be interesting to see what modders will do with it. I like both styles.

Everything’s nice so far, but also read about the more explosive stuff this update contains…

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SexVilla 3 rescheduled and worse!

It’s disappointing, but ThriXXX’s flagship no longer has top priority! That’s a shame!

I often told you that 2 hearts beat in my chest. I really love that “game” 3D Sexvilla 2 and support/promote it pretty much. On the other hand i often stated that the company ThriXXX makes strange decisions sometimes, acts unprofessional – sort of. Nothing personal. I’m sure they are great guys and really talented programmers. But, you know, they can be freaky…

While gamers really look forward to a SV2 follow-up (at least since ThriXXX released a teaser video about 10 months ago), ThriXXX just decided to kick their faithful customers in the butt and reach out for new marketplaces instead.

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Get ready for Luisa B. and her latest erotic story!

It was a long way and hard work. But it’s done: Luisa and the White Angel!

At first i want to thank the small Austrian company “ThriXXX” for creating that great game “3D SexVilla 2“. I think without that virtual sex editor i wouldn’t have created another Dreams of Luisa episode. The game gave me the kick, so thank you ThriXXX.

The new episode took 9 months to finish, the work folder holds over 4GB of photos, the final PDF contains 50 pages, will be available in German and English – and i think it’s the best Dreams of Luisa story of all times!

Ok, calm down, euphoria :)

But it’s just true. I love “Luisa and the White Angel”. I’ve been through it for what feels like a thousand times, but i still enjoy it! Can’t wait for the 20th of September, when i finally bring DoL-revived to the public.

And i really hope that there are still some of the old fans on board and enjoying Luisa’s next generation as much as i do. After all the frustration they got when i canceled “Elfish Spell”.

Don’t miss to visit and (obviously) for latest news and more hot content!

And here is the release poster:


11 Facts about SexVilla you always wanted to know!

3D SexVilla 2 is… what? Uhm, what is it actually?

My SexVilla Tutorials not only collected tens of thousand views on YouTube, but many naive (not to say foolish) comments as well.

There are some questions and guesses that appear over and over again. But i take it like a true sportsman and scratch down the 11 hardest facts about the world’s greatest sex game…

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