Sex Survey Overview! What do Luisa B. Fans want?

There is a constant Sex Survey going on at where members of the site can give me hints about their passions/perversions, however you want to call it…

There’s a list with 12 sexual practices (and the option to put some individual wishes in), as well as specifications for female models, so that users can submit their most-wanted female attributes.

With about 200 votes in, i think it’s time to give you a short overview. There are mainly 3 very interesting points:

  1. Some of the practices that are really common in the 3Dx scene and nearly every 3Dx creator seems to be addicted to, are not so popular!
    When it comes to monstercocks, massive cumshots and gangbang there are some people who voted for it, but not close as many as i’ve expected.
  2. On the other hand, you wouldn’t expect that female members seem to love monstercocks and rough sex? Surprising, but the truth.
  3. Lesbian Sex and Anal Sex are by far the most-requested sex practices. That’s not too surprising. There’s also a strong tendency for something like public groupsex :)

Of course, this is not a representative survey. Only members are being asked and not every member takes the survey. Also i may have developed a “special” audience over the years. It’s no wonder that Luisa B. Fans like Lesbian Scenarios, since it’s a big topic on the site.

So the survey is mainly about fun and inspiration – and to give the members awards. Whenever i create a new scene or model i will have a look at the results and mix it with my own ideas. So i’ve just wrote a new scene for Luisa B3 and created a new model, Priscilla, who represents the results of the “Dream Lady” survey very well: