What’s up in and around MXM?

Since this blog became something like a SexVilla news generator it’s about time to post some mxm related stuff…

But let’s start with some SexVilla headlines anyway, just to get it out of the way ;)

Well, the official SexVilla 3 “Making-of” Teaser can be found here. You asked for it. BTW: Have i ever mentioned that the ThriXXX officials are clueless when it comes to social media? Only kidding…

The next big SexVilla 2 update has been announced for September. It’s the “Mad Scientist Laboratories” location, i already like it and here are some Screenshots, recently revealed by ThriXXX:

Dreams of Luisa – revived!

To be honest, i had planned to release the “Dreams of Luisa – revived 1” 3D Erotic Comic in June. It’s sometimes hard when you’re an independent porn artist, doing it for nuts, you know.

But hey! I’m almost done with the story! All pictures are shot and mastered into the final layout! It still need some corrections here and there… but i will be able to spit out a release date very soon.

It’s a story filled with many lovely moments, hardest sex, funny scenarios and beautiful characters, made with SexVilla 2.

I’m pretty much sure, that nobody else in the world has ever created something like that before.

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Collages: How i compose a sexy photo from a couple/3some of screenshots!

3 interesting photo collages that show how i typically make SexVilla screenshots even sexier!

I’m currently working on an artful porn magazine for a German SexVilla Fanblog. I’m sure the PDF will make a lot of buzz.

Here are 3 nice collages that show how i fly over the borders of that SexVilla game. I often take 2 or more screenshots ingame and pimp them together in the graphic editor of my choice.

I also add cool picture editing here and there. Have a look at the three scenarios and compare the rough shots with the final. It’s sometimes tough but i love to create things that aren’t possible ingame (must be a gen-defect or so).

Two of the final pics i needed for that mini-pornzine “SEXXI“, the third was made for fun. I don’t tell you which is which :p

Here we go (large stuff, needs loading time):

Lara Croft goes Jump n Run!

This is an update to my yesterday’s post “Tomb Raider 9: Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light“…

Some new screenshots and a First-Look post on gamespot have been released in the meantime. Thanks to @fylaracroft for mentioning it.

It seems that LCatGoL is not meant to be the next real Tomb Raider sequel. To me it looks more like a promotional mini game or something like that. Hard to believe that i shall open my purse for it…

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The best places to visit in Risen!

Heard about “Risen” yet?

It’s an old-fashioned single player action role-playing game for PC and XBox, created by Piranha Bytes, the same guys who also have made the famous “Gothic”-Series a few years ago.

Well, for me Risen is pretty much the same like Gothic 1 & 2, which is a good thing. The game has 100% the same feel, except the fight system which is much better than in Gothic.

I just finished my first round as bandit/sword fighter and already started a second round where i want to try the magician career.

But before i do so let me set up the free cam mode and visit some of my favorite places in Risen…

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