Luisa’s Website is back!

After 2 years of beauty sleep you may have forgotten anything about it, but is back online. Wait! Before you go into hysterics and get a heart attack, calm down and take a deep breath :)

The current is an informational minisite, available in English and German, making you ready for the upcoming sex comic “Luisa and the White Angel.”

Please bookmark the page, tweet it, add it to stumbleupon and present it on your tumblr blog – and anywhere else you want. This requires only small action but really helps a lot! Thank you for the support <3

Since “Luisa and the White Angel” will be released this summer you better stay tuned for more news to come soon.

Dreams of Luisa revived – Trilogy!

A DoL-Trilogy is under production, feat. Lena Luv and a new concept!

To be honest, the last Dreams of Luisa Episodes were a mess to produce. It was way too much hard work with really annoying tools and a clumpy looking sims game.

Since i started playing with SexVilla i experimented with its models and locations to see if i could create something like a next generation Dreams of Luisa episode. Well, i think i can. It works.

Most important: The fun is back!

Actually i am full of inspiration, i have so much fun while i create “Luisa And The White Angel”, it’s like being in the good old times, back in what? 2005? 2006? I don’t know and it doesn’t matter because DoL will be something new anyway. Well, not exactly…

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