Luisa B. Morning Fever Release Date

Oh, i hate the word “soon” when it comes to releases, and i hate to make excuses. I wanted to give you a serious Luisa B. Part 2 release date, i have one in mind, but i can’t be sure if i can manage to match it. So, no promises that i can’t keep, no excuses i need to make.

But wait, these are actually good news! Don’t get me wrong. The Production is running well. But my 3Dx comics are made in my spare time, i give them away for free, and i’ve learned from the mistakes i did in the past. That means, i really enjoy playing with Luisa, but i can’t do it 24/7. I don’t want to set myself into panic and don’t want to freak out my dear audience because of broken deadlines.

Here’s the Morning Fever Release Poster! It doesn’t provide a date and “shortly” means pretty much the same than “soon”, but i thought it would be nice to give you something to look at:

Luisa B. Morning Fever Release Poster

What else do i have to say about Luisa’s latest 3Dx sexventure? Please don’t read further if you’re afraid of SPOILERS!

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Release Date!

With 94% progress i’ve finally decided for a date to release the new Luisa B. 3D porn comic, it’s not so far in the future: Friday, May 8. You don’t believe that? Then look at the poster, posters never lie:

Luisa B. Release Poster

The poster also reveals the beautiful new models Breana Kox and Natalie Silver, who appear as Sybil and Roxana like always. I’m currently creating bonus content and these super sexy pixelgirls really give me a hard… um… time :)

A new website and webadress also underlines Luisa’s fresh start in the world of 3D porn. is going to go online on May 8 as well.

Until then i still have masses to do but i can already see the light at the end of the tunnel :)

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In a Sexvilla trouble…

Sexvilla players, including me, having a hard time right now. The devs try to merge the forum gamerotica into the new site They also want to bring the full version of their new game Chathouse live and need to transfer tens of thousands accounts and maybe a few TB of Data from server to server. As if this wasn’t enough. their hardware crashed and even more problems appeared…

Anyway, thriXXX keeps on posting nice pictures on the official facebook page, instead of sending out proper information. The community is really running wild.

But that isn’t my main problem, i have other worries: I have a deadline with the new Dreams of Luisa story. I still need to create a few final pics with Sexvilla but i can’t use the game until the server merge has been done.

I still believe i can release “Wicked Game” on June 19. Let’s stay optimistic and assume that the trouble comes to an end in a few days. Then there will hopefully be a week or so left for me to finish everything.

Most of Luisa’s new adventure is already finished. I only need to arrange 2 or 3 photos and do little additional stuff. I will also come up with a new layout for which also goes live on June 19.

Anyway, the current situation in the Sexvilla leaves me with the same face expression (but i don’t have such nice tits) like Luisa in this scene from “Wicked Game”:

Luisa is not amused

Demon Hunter 2 release date!

Today i finally cleaned my kitchen but you probably don’t find this too interesting…

UPDATE: In the meantime Demon Hunter 2 has been released on! Go and check it out >>>

…so let me add that i also finished the shooting of “Demon Hunter 2 – Laura Crest in the Fangs of the Harpy” today!

What does that mean, “shooting”? This is the main production, the part when i create all the poses and screenshots in Sexvilla.  I’m talking about a lot of poses, most of them 3-person-poses, it was a never-ending job.

DH2 is much longer, much deeper than the first episode “Laura Crest and the Temple of the Satyr“. The story has many turns and exciting, magical things are going to happen. Blood, Tears, Cum, Fun, Violence, Sex – no “Twilight”-Kitsch here ;-)

After working more or less non-stop for 5 days (only to finish the last third of the story) i will take a couple of days off. It’s important to reset the buttons before i start the Post-Production.

The what? Yes, i give my smut work names! :-) During Post-Production i make corrections, translations and numerous Photoshop Pimp-Ups. Most of this stuff is already done, though.

So i am finally able to send out a release date for Demon Hunter 2 and i also come up with a sexy new Poster:

Demon Hunter 2 - Release Poster

Click on the Pic and enjoy a bigger version. Expect more coverage soon!

PS: Demon Hunter 2 wird es auch auf Deutsch geben.