Half way through…

Over the last few days i’ve got some shit done :)

Finally i’ve crossed the 50% mark of the Luisa B. Episode 3 production. There’s still so much to do since the story is very extensive again, the sex scenes in special. Don’t want to spoil it here…

I also think that i came up with some really funny and original moves. Trying a bit of different lighting style as well. I really look forward to the release!

The Episode 3 poster also has been created and i’ve added much information about “Blind Trust” to the preview page. Go on to Luisa3D.com and log in to your account, or create one for free.


Last Quarter

Late summer and autumn i’ve been pretty busy with ‘real’ life stuff (as if mxm wouldn’t be real as well) but still made progress with Luisa 2 “Morning Fever“. I really love this episode and enjoy the production very much. I guess it’s because there’s so much naked skin :)

Currently i’m posing the last 20 – 30 pages, creating extremely hot and perverted scenes. I only can come up with 2 or 3 poses per day because i don’t want to go too much mainstream and the usual porn-way (which i really hate). It’s good to have long breaks to keep the eyes fresh and the blood cool.

Next milestone is to finish all renders and post-processing, then the text and translation. Special shots for the MXMD and some artwork and bonus content will follow. As well as the preparation of Luisa3D.com. Still a whole lot of work but anyway, i will come up with a release date when the renders are done.

So i’m in the last quarter of the production process, but that’s always the hardest. I’m still trying to reach a late November release date.

Sorry for this short info and for having no hot teaser photo for you this time ;)

Thanks for your support.

New Progress Bar…

Finally a new progress bar appeared on dreamsofluisa.com, displaying my progress with the new story “Luisa B.”

I have often installed such a toy when i was working on new stories. It’s a nice way for the fans to see that things are going to be done.

This new bar is by far the most detailed i ever had. It features 7 categories and counts them together to get a total result. Here’s a description of the 7 categories:

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