Demon Hunter Re-Release Poster

DemonHunter_Re-Releas_Poster_smallIn my recent post i talked about re-releasing the Demon Hunter comics and that i have very foggy plans for a 3Dx remake. Well, at least i did this remake of the old “Laura Crest and the Temple of the Satyr” poster, spotlighting the brand new and burning hot 3D version of Lina Jo Angel. Please note that this is only an early artwork that does not represent the style of the current comics which where made with 3D Sexvilla 2. It’s only concept art and i still don’t know if i transform it into a new story.

Morning Fever is live!

Taking a deep breath, calming down, hoping for a painless migration of user_data and positive feedback all over the place.

That’s what my current feelings are. Because, after a hell of a shitload of work, the new Luisa B. episode is finally online on its brandnew relaunched and feature loaded website

Luisa B. (2) Release Poster

I’m still so stressed out and excited that i hardly can believe it’s done. But it is. And all my tests worked well, good luck. Anyway, to calm down i just went into the kitchen and baked a cake :)

Alright, let’s sum it up. Luisa’s new 3D pornventure is called “Morning Fever” and everything you need to know about it is available for free on

The website has been completely reprogrammed and features some cool new things:

  • There’s a very basic comment system where members can say hello. Not a forum or chat, just a way to show that there are people around.
  • Members also can win Awards for doing this and that on the site. For example, if you logged in for a number of times, you’ll get the Devotion Award that contains the PDF-Download of Luisa B. – Best Friends.
  • There’s also a small member survey that hopefully give me some hint of what my members want.

Those elements are a bit experimental since i don’t know for sure where the journey goes to. Maybe will become a nice community page after a little while, maybe i’ll decide to simplify it. It just depends on the user’s activity.

Well, that’s the pain in the ass. While everybody is hot for free stuff, porn in special and indeed high quality 3Dx, people seem to be easily overwhelmed when it comes to interaction and support. I understand that and i’m not angry. But i don’t get tired to remind people of the sexy little thing called “Fair Play” :)

So let me take the moment to thank YOU and YOU and all who have joined to give it a chance. I hope you will all be back to check out “Morning Fever” and take notice of the many details and site features. I promise there’s much love in it!

I stop bothering you now. Enjoy Luisa B. and have a nice pre-Christmas time.



Morning Fever

First of all, the new ‘coming soon’ poster for LB2:

poster_LB2_coming soon

This episode is going to be very hot. Anal Sex all over the place! :)

But it’s a shitload of work to produce Luisa B. #2; takes longer than i expected. For example, i’ve created 3 tall outdoor sets and Luisa’s whole office building. ‘Morning Fever’ will also feature many male and female characters, some for the hot action, some only for decoration ;)

It would be nice if i could manage to release a new episode every 6 months or so. For LB2 i’m expecting November or early December as a possible release date.

About the story. Like i announced earlier i will split my storyline with the working title ‘the warehouse’ in two parts that will make the episodes 2 and 3. This will re-schedule the appearance of Lexi Sin for part 3. But you can look forward to Anny Lee who plays Luisa’s new secretary Alina. If you’re a passionated reader you might have noticed Alina here and there already :)

I could give you some more hints but i recommend to register at or log in if you’re already a member. I’m updating the Preview page with first-hand info and material often. Use the Feedback form on your settings page to contact me.

Thanks for your patience and support.

Luisa’s 4 1/2 weeks recap

4 and a half weeks after the release of the latest mxm 3Dx comic “Luisa B.” it’s time for a short recap. If you don’t know what Luisa B. is, register at its pixel-rich website and enjoy. It’s free!

All others should log into their accounts as well, because the site is under ongoing development and many things already have changed since May 8, the day when the site went on.

Before i go into detail, look at the new post-release poster, simplicity rocks :)

Luisa B. Post-Release Poster: Heels



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