Fresh Faces Contest 2 – The Portraits!

UPDATE: The Fresh Faces Contest 2 is already over and we have a winner. Learn more about it on Thanks for your participation.

So the second Fresh Faces Contest started and here are the 6 candidates:

Fresh Faces Contest 2 - The Portraits

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In the next step, when enough votes have been collected, i will present bikini shots as well and you can still vote a few days more.

You can vote once per hour. So don’t forget to come back and make sure your favorite model wins ;)

Hot or not? Virtual Model Contest!

Club Lena is looking for fresh faces – and not only faces :) You can put your 2 cents in.

UPDATE: Thank you everybody for your vote! There is a sexy winner now and the poll is closed. Please read the official announcement on!

Last weekend a poll started on and i thought i could do the same thing here to collect some more votes.

The poll is named Fresh Faces and the girl(s) with the most supporters will appear in upcoming erotic stories.

Ani, Christina, Jessie, Lina Jo, Megana and Tracy already appeared in the recent production “Lesbian Fest”, a lesbian group sex orgy. You can see some preview pics here put i highly recommend to subscribe at (it’s free) and enjoy the whole story as well as more naughty machinima content…

Fresh Faces for Club Lena!

Which girl do you like the most? In case you can’t decide: You have two votes!

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Just to give you some better views, here are more “Lesbian Fest” photos: