Hyen Yong reworked

Today i took a break from Luisa B. 2 to make some more experiments with my futanari character Hyen Yong. I found a better way to apply the cock to the Genesis 2 female model, worked heavily on the skin and made some tests with all the many surface options. Here’s one of the renders that came out as a result (still work in progress):

Futa 3D-Model Hyen YongAs you can see when you compare Hyen with earlier versions here and here, i also pimped her body up to a more mainstream futanari version = big tits and a huge cock. To be honest, Hyen originally is an Dreams of Luisa character and typically not too oversized, so it feels a bit strange to see her equipped like this :)

I also changed her stage name from Young to Yong, i think it works better.

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Iray Tone Mapping Comparison

DAZ 4.8 introduces Nvidia’s Iray render engine. There’s much fuss going on but i don’t want to join the “is it better than 3Delight or not”-Discussion here… Well, it’s not “better”, it’s different :)

Let’s start simple and de-mystify Iray by looking at its Tone-Mapping department. It’s pretty much like working with a camera when you’re making ‘real’ photos. I like that.

So i ask my new Model Alina to help me with making a comparison. I don’t go into the boring technical things, i like to take it easy. So i just trial-and-errored my way through the Tone-Mapping tab and show you some of my results. May it help you to have a good start with that Iray thingy.

Let’s look at the default render:

iray_tone-mapping_defaultI quickly set up this simple scene, set “Environment” to “Scene Only” and left everything else – including the Camera’s Headlamp (auto) – untouched.

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Making of… Luisa and the Wicked Game!

MaXsiM can be seen live on twitch.tv, creating non-nude scenes…

I’m currently creating the upcoming porn comic “Luisa and the Wicked Game” for dreamsofluisa.com and thought it would be nice to live stream some of the work i do inside Sexvilla.

And of course all fans of Luisa will get an exclusive look at some of the “Wicked Game” characters and settings. No dialogs shown, so i won’t spoiler too much :)

I create only photo poses to make a comic book from. No animations and…

…obviously i am not allowed to show nudes but anyway, you will be given an very close look into the brilliant made PoseEdit Editor and all its many many possibilities.

But check out this post, because i will add some final photos as well as working stages and descriptions. And perhaps also nude shots that happened after the stream ended :)

You can try Sexvilla yourself, get the free trial here: tiny.cc/sexvilla

I will announce the live stream on twitter. So follow me there or follow my tweets in the sidebar on the mxm-studios.com front page.

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thriXXX releases best Sexvilla Update ever!

After months/years of complaining, the “Backalley” update will please many disappointed players…

A large and nicely detailed location, good outfits, hair styles, new customizers, atomic cocks, better toy editor and a method to vary the body height of a model…

The latest Sexvilla Update is a feature-rich package that contains many things the community discussed for such a long time! I must confess, i already had stopped believing that features like different body height would ever appear.

Anyway, this update is really superb. I also liked the recent ones, but “Backalley” is just like Sexvilla-Updates always should be. It contains multiple features for both user groups, the casual wank-player and the creator gods :)

Some photos of the new location:

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