A sexxi new site!

SEXXI is also available in English…

That was the first task for 2013, to create a dedicated website for the english versions of the mini 3D-porn magazine SEXXI.

Well, it’s here: sexxiporn.com

Originally, SEXXI was created to give this German Sexvilla blog a push forward and there were no plans to release English versions at all. But it turned out to be pretty successful in the german speaking area, so i asked myself:

Wouldn’t it be a shame to hold back an international version? Especially since all my other stories are available in both languages. Yes, it would. So…

I also must say that it’s very entertaining to make a new issue. I love that magazine style and i think people love such tiny pdf downloads, since it’s compatible to many different computers and mobiles.

SEXXI may not be a full size 120-page porn magazine (it contains only 18 pages) like you’ll find in your local sex shop. But it is an unique piece of digital art, a smart work made with passion, it fits perfectly well into your porn collection.

And it demonstrates pretty damn nice what can be done with the wonderful and inspiring (or may i say stimulating?) porn game “3D Sexvilla 2”. SEXXI is not over-photoshopped, stays close to the game’s possibilities.

Now in English, check it out on sexxiporn.com