That was quick: SEXXI 8!

Jokes aside, it took more than 2 years to create the 8th issue of the former SexVilla Fanmag SEXXI. The huge project Luisa B. (already 3 episode รก 100+ pages have been released) sucked out all of my energy.

Finally i kicked my butt and finished the new issue which is fully in 3Dx now. Goodbye Sexvilla, it was a nice time ;)

SEXXI 8 is also my first real “patron-only” release on

I know that will hurt many of the fans. But know what? It’s time for me to do this step! I seem to be the fucking only idiot on earth who still gives away fullrange 3Dx content for nothing more than a wet handshake.

So far, my attempts to gain some patrons are really a fiasco :D I think it’s my fault, i only used half-heartedly. And i’m still not sure if there are still people interested in supporting me with a few bucks.

I’m not that blind than Lillian Goodwill! I can clearly see that there are tons of really good 3Dx creators out there, and money doesn’t grow on trees for anybody (including me). The more i do appreciate your support!

Anyway, SEXXI 8 is a super hot reason for you to become a MXM Patron! Here’s the cover:

sexxi 08 coverThanks for reading, have fun with SEXXI 8.

Become a MXM Patron on Patreon!

I finally had some time and patience to have a closer look at, that “Kickstarter” for Artists that so many people hyped about last year.

Silvana invites for patreonBefore you worry, i have no plans to stop my “give-away-for-free” concept! But hey, receiving some money won’t hurt. It actually would help me a lot to buy content and create more stories.

After all, i think that pledging is a really fair concept. And seems to be nicely accepted in the 3Dx scene.

If you don’t want to waste time, just visit my profile and become a patron:

I will try to release more interesting stuff there soon enough. But for that i also have to re-organize my release strategy and make my workflow more efficient.

Well, it’s all for fun and newd pixels :)