Luisa B. Morning Fever Release Date

Oh, i hate the word “soon” when it comes to releases, and i hate to make excuses. I wanted to give you a serious Luisa B. Part 2 release date, i have one in mind, but i can’t be sure if i can manage to match it. So, no promises that i can’t keep, no excuses i need to make.

But wait, these are actually good news! Don’t get me wrong. The Production is running well. But my 3Dx comics are made in my spare time, i give them away for free, and i’ve learned from the mistakes i did in the past. That means, i really enjoy playing with Luisa, but i can’t do it 24/7. I don’t want to set myself into panic and don’t want to freak out my dear audience because of broken deadlines.

Here’s the Morning Fever Release Poster! It doesn’t provide a date and “shortly” means pretty much the same than “soon”, but i thought it would be nice to give you something to look at:

Luisa B. Morning Fever Release Poster

What else do i have to say about Luisa’s latest 3Dx sexventure? Please don’t read further if you’re afraid of SPOILERS!

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