SimPose 2: How to import a Sim-Model / Part 1

MXM Master Class Part 6: SimPose 2

In this Part of the SimPose Workshop we’re going to import a Sim-Model to our sweet little Posing Tool.

Wow, that’s exactly what you’ve been looking for since ages! But not so fast! It means a lot of work until you can see your wonderful sexy fashion diva in SimPose!

It’s a wide range of things we have to do and i want to be detailed. So i need to split this “Import a Sim-Model” workshop into 4 sub-parts.

In this first one i will explain something about 3D-Meshes, Textures, Files and typical SimPose Problems as well.

I think it’s relatively simple to understand what you have to do as long you have some fundamental skills!

But don’t worry if you are a bloody newbie, it isn’t hard to learn…

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