Another year’s countdown!

My car still doesn’t wear winter tires but i already can smell that this year ’12 is about to end…

Since i run my virtual pron projects my years end in November. Virtually. It’s the time when i need to force the projects i want to be released before New Year’s Eve (BTW: I don’t believe that the apocalypse is coming December 21).

It’s also the time to look back and see what was good and what wasn’t. To shorten this, i would say that 2012 was the most successful year in the history of mxm-studios.

Sure, i haven’t released too many new stories on, but the site still sets new visitor peaks every 2 or 3 weeks! I love you, people!

Looking at my stats makes me happy. Each and everywhere green numbers. It’s a huge motivation…

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Collages: How i compose a sexy photo from a couple/3some of screenshots!

3 interesting photo collages that show how i typically make SexVilla screenshots even sexier!

I’m currently working on an artful porn magazine for a German SexVilla Fanblog. I’m sure the PDF will make a lot of buzz.

Here are 3 nice collages that show how i fly over the borders of that SexVilla game. I often take 2 or more screenshots ingame and pimp them together in the graphic editor of my choice.

I also add cool picture editing here and there. Have a look at the three scenarios and compare the rough shots with the final. It’s sometimes tough but i love to create things that aren’t possible ingame (must be a gen-defect or so).

Two of the final pics i needed for that mini-pornzine “SEXXI“, the third was made for fun. I don’t tell you which is which :p

Here we go (large stuff, needs loading time):

The official Elfish Spell 3 Poster!

This is it, the poster of the third episode of the erotic machinima comic “Luisa & The Elfish Spell” which is the hottest picture story that’s shot only with virtual characters in a wonderful machinima world.

Elfish Spell 3 - Lavender Grove

You can find the first 2 Episodes “The Traveler’s Stone” and “The White Nightmare” exclusively on and watch the censored (but still very hot) online versions for free. Yes, for free. No registration or subscription required…

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What the heck is machinima?

I’m sure that most of you already know what machinima means…

Especially if you are a Sims addict i can see a 99% possibility that you still have clicked the “V” button on your keyboard to shoot a small video clip of your Sims’ in-game doings. The more advanced of you perhaps even have tried to cut some movie pieces together to create some kind of cool video clip.

Others – like me – are more interested in creating comics by using machinima techniques. You can see a poster of my upcoming machinima comic here >>>

But there are always some newbies around who might wonder about the term “machinima”. Is it a magical spell or just a tech hobby for nerds? The next mega hype or just a waste of time? You can decide by yourself…

What could be better than to explain machinima with a machinima movie?

I know a nice one…

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