Last Quarter

Late summer and autumn i’ve been pretty busy with ‘real’ life stuff (as if mxm wouldn’t be real as well) but still made progress with Luisa 2 “Morning Fever“. I really love this episode and enjoy the production very much. I guess it’s because there’s so much naked skin :)

Currently i’m posing the last 20 – 30 pages, creating extremely hot and perverted scenes. I only can come up with 2 or 3 poses per day because i don’t want to go too much mainstream and the usual porn-way (which i really hate). It’s good to have long breaks to keep the eyes fresh and the blood cool.

Next milestone is to finish all renders and post-processing, then the text and translation. Special shots for the MXMD and some artwork and bonus content will follow. As well as the preparation of Still a whole lot of work but anyway, i will come up with a release date when the renders are done.

So i’m in the last quarter of the production process, but that’s always the hardest. I’m still trying to reach a late November release date.

Sorry for this short info and for having no hot teaser photo for you this time ;)

Thanks for your support.