Valentine’s Gift from ThriXXX: Arabian Nights!

Earlier than expected but not a moment too late the porn game SexVilla gets a big update…

The new update is themed “Arabian Nights” and is a complete package, featuring a stunning Arabian Palace, related Outfits, new Hairstyles and a number of  cool adds and minor fixes.

I couldn’t check it out in detail yet but what i have seen so far i like very much.

Can there be a better place for having sex than in a beautiful place from 1001 nights? Who wants to be in my harem? :)

Here are some photos of the Arabian Nights location:

If you want to get the free test version of 3D SexVilla 2, visit (<— A link you can trust! 100% clean, you’ll get the original product)

BTW: It’s not the Mad Scientist location i was talking about in this post. Arabian Nights is even better :p

Welcome aboard the MV Luisa!

It happened faster than expected that ThriXXX released the new location for the porn game SexVilla since i wrote the preview post.

I couldn’t write about the Yacht-Location immediately because this great update and its coolest new feature instantly got my attention: You can mod the textures of a location now!

By doing this it is possible to give a location a new look. One of the biggest negative points about SexVilla is that you only can choose between a relatively small number of static locations/rooms. It’s still not possible to mod the 3D-Meshes or even add own 3D-Objects to a scenario, but modding the textures is truly a big step into the right direction.

The texture packs come with included .psd files which make it relatively easy to create another look. And here is my first try, the new boat, the MV Luisa, dedicated to my well-known story character Luisa Blacksmith:

So far, texture modding is only possible with the new Yacht-Location. But ThriXXX says the other rooms will follow. I really hope it won’t take too long, since location modding really adds depth to the game. I think casual places like Living Room, Bed Room, Bath, Kitchen, Loft really would make sense.


SexVilla: New Location Coming!

ThriXXX has finally released some previews of the upcoming update and it seems that it’s almost ready.

It’s always the hardest thing to squeeze out some hot news from the SexVilla developers. Unfortunately their marketing concept is far behind the moon (They aren’t even on twitter, imagine that). But anyway, new preview shots and a short clip appeared on the official community site,

It’s the luxury millionaire’s yacht! And it is a nice one:

SexVilla Luxury Yacht Preview 1

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