2012 is up and going!

Christmas is over, 2011 is over, everything is almost over (according to the maya), so it’s about time to open a bottle and have a look at the upcoming projects…

The last few days i’ve been working many hours a day – well, and night – to finish a fantastic sex fantasy story and even start a new one that many of my long time followers will surely adore. I will talk about it in this post.

At first i am glad that i could release all December projects like i have written here. The “bOOb Show” story and “Fetishslut” Quicky, as well as the fine Model Calendar 2012!

Oh, you haven’t seen the calendar yet? Don’t worry, it is still there, on clublena.com, downloadable free PDF >>>

Demon Hunter

The greatest thing for me is the “Demon Hunter” story, which took many months to finish (only because i was too lazy to finish it in one run). I think the “Sexy Adventure Girl” theme is interesting for everybody, ladies and gentlemen. Its second part is ready to be released this Thursday, the 5th. It was a fat piece of work but i am really happy with the result.

I already got asked if there will be a sequel. Well, it depends on many factors, so just let us wait and see ;)

Dreams of Luisa revived!

Yes. I feel very excited to announce this. The old “Dreams of Luisa” series is still very successful. New Visitors of clublena.com (currently the only place where the original DoL episodes can be viewed) almost always look for Luisa’s Sex Tapes, the vintage years, Carnal Cure series or the sadly discontinued story “Elfish Spell”. Many people arrive because they google for “Dreams of Luisa”, which makes me proud.

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