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Since a while i notice that many visitors arrive my blog via Google or other search engines, but unfortunately following a wrong link that leads only to an error page.

I don’t know why that happens. I provide proper sitemaps to Google and all the stats in my admin area look alright. Still trying to figure out what’s wrong.

Anyway, i’m very sorry if you couldn’t find the content you were looking for. Error pages are really annoying, for new visitors in special.

So i’ve installed a site search in the right sidebar, please use it to dig deeper into mxm-studios.com and finally find the right post.

Info about the SEXXI Dreams of Luisa Special

It has been just posted on clublena.com that the long-awaited SEXXI Dreams of Luisa Special Edition is about to be released.

Here i want to add some more info about the current progress. Thanks for your interest.

At first, a little language flip…

Aktuelle Infos für die deutschen Fans!

Die deutsche Sexvilla Fanseite “Sexvillafan” ist nicht mehr zu erreichen, da sie von tumblr/yahoo/dreckspack abgeschaltet wurde! Daher liegen die deutschen Versionen von SEXXI nicht mehr am gewohnten Ort. Ihr findet aber alle deutschen Downloads auf sexxiporn.com, und zwar auf den jeweiligen Seiten der Ausgaben, unten, gekennzeichnet mit der deutschen Flagge.  Neue Webseite mit besserer Präsentation ist in Arbeit. Vielen Dank fürs Verständnis.

Language flip back…

So, where were we? Ah! The DoL Special Edition. It’s done! Really. But… :D

I’m literally working on the last page (which is actually Page 4, out of 36) but then i noticed that there are still some other things to do:

  1. It’s a SEXXI special edition. But (that’s what’s written in the German text) the website sexxiporn.com really needs a relaunch. Because i want to display the content a better way and the German version must be roofed there too. After all, SEXXI was a German fanmag originally and i want to have everything under the same roof.
  2. For the 10th Anniversary Dreams of Luisa Special i would love to see all the old episodes back on dreamsofluisa.com, represented in an appropriate way. You may say, cool, just upload them to the new place… but no. It’s not that easy. Don’t let me explain the details, but it’s quite a bite of a task. I’ll try, but it takes time.

So i’m going to program the new sexxiporn.com, then release the DoL Special (on dreamsofluisa.com as well) and after that, start moving the vintage episodes to the new place – while i finish SEXXI 8.

Hopefully this all will happen this January. Wish me luck and strong nerves :)

And finally they chat…

On my recent visits on the new Sexvilla/Chathouse community site thri.xxx (my profile page) i noticed that people finally calmed down a bit. There are still a few people who seem to have problems with the site but after all, everything seems to get back to normal slowly. That’s good. The whole move and merge of accounts, games and sites didn’t run smoothly. It was easy to see that the thrixxx team really had a hard time, but heck, the users had a hard time as well. So i’m glad that it’s over and i hope that thrixxx can and will concentrate on game updates now.

To set a personal final stroke i want to state that i haven’t had any problems with the move. I understood the new site right from the beginning, my accounts merged wonderfully together, no sexcoins lost, the game running fine as always. Maybe it’s because i don’t have any “free-tools-to-speed-up-windows” on my computer and always use up-to-date browsers? Only kidding, of course i see what’s still wrong with the whole new thri.xxx experience. But all my bug reports and suggestions have been answered by a team member quickly and i also have written a few basic tutorials to help people.

What should be next?

As a Sexvilla player i really really really miss an update. It’s almost a year. That’s way fucking too long.

I don’t play Chathouse 3D at the moment but i’m praying to the lord of virtual tits that there will be a huge update soon! I mean, all the trouble appeared when thrixxx decided to create Chathouse. What will happen to them (and us players) when they fail? The game is nice but not nice enough to beat its competitors. Now it’s new and generates many curious newbies, but what about turning them into loyal long-time customers? I’m not too optimistic but let’s wait and see…

Anyway, i’ve tested Chathouse 3D enough to say that it’s nice and has big potential. It’s not that bad like Sexvilla Users tend to say ;)

If you want to check out Chathouse 3D by yourself, you can get the trial here.

Chathouse 3D - Location Chathouse 3D - Pussy Editor Chathouse 3D - Voyeur