Almost Christmas

People! We are half Christmas! Only 6 months left and the year is over. #Fact

2015 went very fast for me, so far. I can’t imagine that i was working so hard on new material than i did/do this year. Of course, mainly because i left the machinima world to continue creating with “real” 3D applications. There’s still so much to learn.

But do you know what? I have more fun than ever, because i have so much better possibilities to realize my ideas and make my perverted dreams come true. Here’s a quick overview of the things i already did, currently do, and planning to do in the next 6 months…

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Hyen Young after i’ve stolen her pants…

Hyen Young after her pants were stolenThis funny render marks the comeback of my androgyny model Hyen Young, also known as Kim in the Dreams of Luisa (Luisa B.) series.

Like all of my models it’s an unique Genesis 2 figure that i’ve shaped up from my imagination. I’m really happy about the result. Hyen never looked better.


The cock wasn’t easy to attach but i somehow tricked it :p

And btw, the render was made with the Iray engine. That thing is really cool and good to have, but pretty much overrated if you ask me. It’s different than 3Delight but not “better”. Iray can do amazing things – but 3Delight can also do amazing things. Like i can do amazing things with Hyen’s panties :)

The official Elfish Spell 3 Poster!

This is it, the poster of the third episode of the erotic machinima comic “Luisa & The Elfish Spell” which is the hottest picture story that’s shot only with virtual characters in a wonderful machinima world.

Elfish Spell 3 - Lavender Grove

You can find the first 2 Episodes “The Traveler’s Stone” and “The White Nightmare” exclusively on and watch the censored (but still very hot) online versions for free. Yes, for free. No registration or subscription required…

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