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Since a while i notice that many visitors arrive my blog via Google or other search engines, but unfortunately following a wrong link that leads only to an error page.

I don’t know why that happens. I provide proper sitemaps to Google and all the stats in my admin area look alright. Still trying to figure out what’s wrong.

Anyway, i’m very sorry if you couldn’t find the content you were looking for. Error pages are really annoying, for new visitors in special.

So i’ve installed a site search in the right sidebar, please use it to dig deeper into mxm-studios.com and finally find the right post.

Google censors its part of the web again!

Erotic bloggers watch out! Google is censoring your content again…

If you’re running a site on Google’s blogger/blogspot that is about erotic, porn and alike, better move your site to another service. Now!

Since July 1st Google established new terms and they already started to delete (!) blogs that don’t fit to it. Obviously, it’s only sex and nudity that will be hit by the Content-Monopolist’s red marker.

If you also have ads to adult programs on your blogger page, you’re fucked. Backup your content NOW! And then look for a better hosting service.

Over the last few days i moved the German sexvillafan blog from blogspot to tumblr – which was a pain in the ass, since tumblr cannot import any other services content. You need to do it manually, the copy/paste way :)

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