The change is going to happen!

You’ve probably heard of my eraXXX plans. I’m currently having much fun with DAZ Studio and the endless opportunities it has to offer. My virtual world of smut is going through some changes.

I’ve made a list of facts that i try to balance out:


  • After all, i’ve created 100 or more renders with DAZ and would say that it feels comfortable to use this beast of a program.
  • I could also make very beautiful models of three of my main characters. Check out Lena Luv as Gypsy Queen >>>
  • Previews and additional photos have been released, a new Dreams of Luisa story is almost finished and officially announced.
  • I’ve invested more than 1.000,- to get the starter content i need. That should quickly pay off with great content.
  • SexVilla is still a nice tool (and apart from what noobs say, it is much cheaper and way easier to use than DAZ), but let’s face the facts: It doesn’t seem to be under development anymore. thriXXX doesn’t say so, but everybody knows. There is always a bit of hope… but anyway, not enough news i could count on.


So, if you read these list it is pretty much clear that my future is called DAZ and 3D modeling. It looks like i’m finally a real 3D Artist :)

Of course, this will have an impact on my projects! So here’s another list with the changes that are likely to happen:


  • I will create only with DAZ from now on, but…
  • SEXXI 8 will still be made with SexVilla.
  • After that i will stop creating with SexVilla on a regular basis.
  • I will continue supporting SexVilla because i believe it is a very good program for many.
  • SEXXI is meant to be a SexVilla fan magazine. I don’t know if/how i can continue it after issue 8.
  • I still love the “Demon Hunter” scenario but realized that in the 3D world such “Lara Croft goes porn” stories already exist by the hundreds. Project not canceled, but also no plans yet.
  • Continuing “Dreams of Luisa” is the main thing i’m doing. I have a concept for new DoL stories and still stick to my flagship Luisa B. forever :)
  • On the other hand, the planned “Luisa and the Venus Guild” episode is most likely to be canceled -> but in favor to the new eraXXX concept.


Well, after reading this wall of text i can resume that i really do make the move from SexVilla to DAZ. That’s all.

Until now i was only testing (like i already did 2 years ago) and trying. But now it feels just normal to create with DAZ.

You, who like my stories and art, must say goodbye to some things. But you can also look forward to stunning new stuff that’s coming!

Thanks for reading this post, i hope i still got you ;)

eraXXX: Lena Luv Portrait and Body Measures

As a true fan of my works you have already downloaded the SEXXI Dreams of Luisa Special Edition, right?

No? Don’t worry, you can still get it for free on, no tricks.

In that issue, on page 16, i introduce some early eraXXX ideas. “eraXXX” is a catchy name for the third development stage of my models. I started a decate ago with modded Sims (Vintage), then moved to Sexvilla (NextGen) in 2010 and now preparing for the next step, rebuilding my universe in the state-of-the-art tool for virtual art, DAZ 3D.

It’s really a big bunch of work! But slowly i got my things together. I also managed to understand the rendering process better than here. So i already created lots of skins, objects, sets and photos. It’s getting easier to work with DAZ everytime i start that software monster…

To top that, i’ve just made very beautiful eraXXX versions of three of my favorite characters: Lena Luv, Breana Kox and Natalie Silver, respectively known as Luisa B, Sybil B. and Roxana Hart in Dreams of Luisa. I must say that i really love these characters and i’m more than satisfied with their new looks.

Here’s the first official Lena Luv Portrait:

Lena Luv Portrait eraXXX

Full body newd shots will hopefully follow soon, here’s a little hint.

And thanks to DAZ’s great capabilities i can even tell you Lena’s accurate body measures :)

Bust: 98cm
Waist: 60cm
Hip: 96cm
Height: 1,74m