Dreams of Luisa revived – Trilogy!

A DoL-Trilogy is under production, feat. Lena Luv and a new concept!

To be honest, the last Dreams of Luisa Episodes were a mess to produce. It was way too much hard work with really annoying tools and a clumpy looking sims game.

Since i started playing with SexVilla i experimented with its models and locations to see if i could create something like a next generation Dreams of Luisa episode. Well, i think i can. It works.

Most important: The fun is back!

Actually i am full of inspiration, i have so much fun while i create “Luisa And The White Angel”, it’s like being in the good old times, back in what? 2005? 2006? I don’t know and it doesn’t matter because DoL will be something new anyway. Well, not exactly…

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