Luisa’s latest episode is online!

I happily survived the big move thriXXX did with us poor Sexvilla users and i could finish the final shots for ‘Luisa and the Wicked Game’ in time.

I also came up with a relaunch of, a minimalistic, but pixel-rich one-page layout that presents the PDF episodes ‘White Angel’ and ‘Wicked Game’ in English and German.

If i counted correctly, ‘Wicked Game’ is the 21st episode in 10 years that i’ve released under the Dreams of Luisa label. And like always, the latest episode is my personal favorite, check it out.

This episode is the second part of a trilogy and i have the third part ‘Venus Guild’ already on my mind. But it’s much too early to start the production. Although i hope that it won’t take another two years to create VG.

Next thing to do is the SEXXI Dreams of Luisa special. This issue will be completely dedicated to Luisa’s Dreams. I already started the making and have some nice ideas. DoL-Fans will love the special issue, i’m sure.

So, that’s all for now. I’m happy about ‘Wicked Game‘ and hope you like it. Thanks for your support. Enjoy.