Chathouse 3D is getting a big update!

Updates of thriXXX products usually take a loooong time. And i stopped playing SexVilla and Chathouse by myself, since i found something that suites my needs way better. But i still feel like being a part of the thriXXX family, so i want to inform you about the upcoming Version 1.5 of Chathouse 3D.

Remarkable Features of this version are:

  • a new lighting engine
  • new, better detailed textures
  • guided tutorials and how-tos
  • new outfits in 36 colors
  • direct access to the shop from in-game
  • easier ways to upload new content

As far as i know, the community is begging and screaming for such an update since months, so i guess they will be really happy about the changes.

I was informed about Chathouse v1.5 via Mail today, saying it will be released “this week”. So you can expect it to be out till Friday, the 13th. That date is hopefully not a bad sign :)

Check out Chathouse 3D here >>>

Answering my site statistics

I don’t care much about site statistics. Well, that’s not true. I find them very interesting, i just don’t study them on a daily basis to react on every little change of numbers.

Today it was that time again when i looked into the stats and i thought it could be a nice idea to write about some stat facts and answer the most demanded search terms.

Before i start i want to add that i of course do check the download rates of my porn comics. They are all doing pretty good which i find very motivating :)

People searching for MXM smut!

The first statistic that really pleases me are the search stats. People are actively looking for my comics and other smut on Google and other search engines. That is, what can i say? Wow! Thank you for your support and addiction!

The top makes – have a guess – “Dreams of Luisa“. People are still searching for the “White Angel” episode, although there is a newer episode “Wicked Game” out. Both can be found on the dedicated website, download is free and with no tricks. I say that because people are looking for “free download” of the comic, which makes me guess that some bastards out there are trying to sell my >>> free <<< stuff. Anyway, go to, that’s all.

The old vintage episodes are still available on but i have plans to move those rotten flash files over to the original site. The current presentation of my story flagship is a shame and i feel sorry for that.

BTW, did you know that Luisa’s latest episode “Wicked Game” has been downloaded a couple of thousand times already? :p

Demon Hunter

Laura Crest’s latest adventure “Fangs of the Harpy” is also available on But since so many people are searching for my “Tomb Raider” porn parody, you can just download the pdf here:
Demon Hunter 2 English | Demon Hunter 2 Deutsch

And, if people don’t find the SEXXI magazine on its original site, they luckily arrive here. All is good. Except visitors from Germany, so let me add this in German:

He du! Wenn du das SEXXI Magazin in deutscher Sprache suchst, das gibt es kostenlos auf Viel Vergnügen :)

Sexvilla now and Sexvilla in the future!

People are virtually breaking through my open doors when it comes to all things “Sexvilla”. I have written many posts about the up and downs of this – still brilliantly made – Virtual Sex Editor.

But “Sexvilla 3” (different spellings counted together) is the strongest search term that comes in. So here is what i know about 3D Sexvilla 3 now, in August 2014:

It was canceled a long time ago and remains to be only a dream, a fantasy, a rumor. Everything you saw in the “Sexvilla 3 Teaser Video” about 2 and a half years ago has no meaning anymore. This is sad, but it is the truth.

The developer studio thriXXX decided to create the Sex Chat Platform “Chathouse 3D Roulette” instead. Chathouse is already online but i fear that future development will completely go into this new “game”, leaving Sexvilla far behind. Sexvilla and Chathouse are pretty much different things, but try out Chathouse anyway. With the real state of mind it can be much fun.

This all leads to another search term, “Sexvilla 2014“. Well, it was a hard year for thriXXX so far, and it was even harder for Sexvilla 2 players. Really, there wasn’t an update since almost a year. In June we suddenly found 2 new hairstyles and new tatoos in the shop. No official statement, no announcement, nothing about Sexvilla at all. What we can expect in the next months? I am totally clueless and only happy, that my game still runs fine and my production routine isn’t affected too much.

Random finds

Some folks still want to know… but i gave up modding The Sims(tm) in 2010. I even haven’t played the game since then and there are no plans to move back. It was a nice time, but sorry ;)

The best way to find Sexvilla instructions is called learning by doing :) But if you look deep enough into my numerous sites and join the new official community site, you will find help.

Finally a few numbers for the nerds: This site receives about 1000+ pageviews a day. Top days go up to over 3000. Unique visitors are always between 100 and 200 noses each and every day, which is pretty cool.

Most visitors speak English, followed by people with a – surprise – Russian tongue. The third big group obviously comes – aha! Da seid ihr ja! – from the German speaking area, followed by France (so pardon that i don’t speak your wonderful language) and Spain (also no habla Espanol, so sorry about that).

I also get a notable amount of visitors from the United Arabian Emirates, Iran and Belarus, only to name a few of the more “exotic” states. Hey, i love that you’re here! Take care, okay? ;)

No matter from where they are, most are on Windows 7 and use Firefox. Linux beats Max OS X and Chrome is the second strongest browser.

And 1451 horny little smut addicts have subscribed to my rss feed. Even though i am on twitter, which is so much cooler than rss :)

Let me end this statwank with two bad points. The first is, that some guy/robot/idiot continues to try to hack into the backend of this site. The attacker comes from the Ukraine, which makes me very sad since i have friends there. Anyway, no harm done so far. The second bad thing is even worse! Way too many people are still using the Internet Explorer 6! Important message to all of those: Please go away. Get a modern browser before you come back. Never use IE6 ever again.

So, this was my short trip through my latest site statistics. I hope it wasn’t too boring. Thanks for reading, stay horny ;)

And finally they chat…

On my recent visits on the new Sexvilla/Chathouse community site (my profile page) i noticed that people finally calmed down a bit. There are still a few people who seem to have problems with the site but after all, everything seems to get back to normal slowly. That’s good. The whole move and merge of accounts, games and sites didn’t run smoothly. It was easy to see that the thrixxx team really had a hard time, but heck, the users had a hard time as well. So i’m glad that it’s over and i hope that thrixxx can and will concentrate on game updates now.

To set a personal final stroke i want to state that i haven’t had any problems with the move. I understood the new site right from the beginning, my accounts merged wonderfully together, no sexcoins lost, the game running fine as always. Maybe it’s because i don’t have any “free-tools-to-speed-up-windows” on my computer and always use up-to-date browsers? Only kidding, of course i see what’s still wrong with the whole new experience. But all my bug reports and suggestions have been answered by a team member quickly and i also have written a few basic tutorials to help people.

What should be next?

As a Sexvilla player i really really really miss an update. It’s almost a year. That’s way fucking too long.

I don’t play Chathouse 3D at the moment but i’m praying to the lord of virtual tits that there will be a huge update soon! I mean, all the trouble appeared when thrixxx decided to create Chathouse. What will happen to them (and us players) when they fail? The game is nice but not nice enough to beat its competitors. Now it’s new and generates many curious newbies, but what about turning them into loyal long-time customers? I’m not too optimistic but let’s wait and see…

Anyway, i’ve tested Chathouse 3D enough to say that it’s nice and has big potential. It’s not that bad like Sexvilla Users tend to say ;)

If you want to check out Chathouse 3D by yourself, you can get the trial here.

Chathouse 3D - Location Chathouse 3D - Pussy Editor Chathouse 3D - Voyeur

New servers for thriXXX’ sites and games!

After months of beta-testing, thriXXX is making a big move…

thriXXX’ latest software, the Sexchat-Game “Chathouse 3D”, has left the beta phase and will hit their online store during the next days.

Only a new product, nothing special so far. But the small Austrian company is also about to integrate their years-old community forum (which also holds hundreds of thousands custom-made items) into the brand new site, which is going to become the central site of the thriXXX universe.

Also, their flagship “3D Sexvilla 2” will also be part of the move! From June 4 on, the game cannot be started the normal way anymore. Instead, players will be forced to use the new game launcher. The idea is to make it easier for players to learn about thriXXX’ other games as well. And to have everything at one place. Basically a good thing, but…

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