Please stop using Internet Explorer 6!

I guess you’ve heard it a dozen times and you still feel bored when you read a “Internet Explorer 6” headline anywhere. If you really feel this way now it’s very likely that you are surfing with a modern browser like Firefox 3, Safari 4, Internet Explorer 8 or others.

But pay attention if you don’t understand anything about this browser-talk and just don’t get it!

Take a minute and think about:

  • Do you often think that a website is broken or looks like crap?
  • Does your Anti-Virus-Software often warn you while you’re online?
  • Does your browser/computer often crash?
  • Do you wonder why your friends talk about all the cool stuff they saw online – but you never noticed anything of that?

Then you’re probably still on Internet Explorer 6, the worst and most dangerous of all browsers. IE6 is insecure, old and – let’s just say it: Shit.

Or in nicer words, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was not made for nowadays websites, online-applications and internet activities. Plus, there is no reason for using it anymore, because upgrading is simple and free…

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