A brisant but catchy theory…

Over the past few days i had a nice work flow on the upcoming Dreams of Luisa story “Wicked Game”. Today i was just in the middle of one of the non-sex scenes when suddenly my Sexvilla game crashed. Oops.

Well, it didn’t really crash, it virtually just stopped working. The program switched to the main menu where some buttons simply disappeared. After a restart i couldn’t log in anymore. WTF?

When you run Sexvilla for a couple of hours it often happens that it crashes due to ram overflow. That’s the reason i save my scene every minute or so. But today i figured out that the game crashed because of a broken internet connection.

One of the worst aspects, one of the most hated “features” of 3D Sexvilla 2 is that it requires a constant online connection to thriXXX’s servers. That’s a bad manner that forces people to connect to the internet for playing. It’s bad bad bad for many reasons.

Since my internet connection is still working i learned that the thriXXX servers went off today. While i’m writing this, they are down for about 3 hours. That’s fucking long and i started to think about the reasons.

You know what? I think thriXXX has been Ddos’ed! Something like that…

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