Valentine’s Gift from ThriXXX: Arabian Nights!

Earlier than expected but not a moment too late the porn game SexVilla gets a big update…

The new update is themed “Arabian Nights” and is a complete package, featuring a stunning Arabian Palace, related Outfits, new Hairstyles and a number of  cool adds and minor fixes.

I couldn’t check it out in detail yet but what i have seen so far i like very much.

Can there be a better place for having sex than in a beautiful place from 1001 nights? Who wants to be in my harem? :)

Here are some photos of the Arabian Nights location:

If you want to get the free test version of 3D SexVilla 2, visit (<— A link you can trust! 100% clean, you’ll get the original product)

BTW: It’s not the Mad Scientist location i was talking about in this post. Arabian Nights is even better :p