How to make a sexy GIF in Photoshop!

I’ve recently made some sexy gif-animations for and you might wonder how i did it.

Well, i’ve made it with the porn game/editor Sexvilla and Photoshop. Here’s my short step-by-step tutorial.

But first let me start with explaining the background of the project…

I don’t like gif-porn too much. Perhaps because so many gifs are just crappy in my opinion. Anyway, if you’re a pose maker you are always looking for ways that make you come up with better, more realistic and organic poses and animations.

I recently found out that gifs are very helpful when it comes to animating. Because they are focusing at only a few seconds of action and are originally made to celebrate a very cool looking scene. This makes gifs being perfect templates for animators.

So i simply started this project to learn from gifs how to create better animations…

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Inside SexVilla: How to create a simple animation!

I’ve made a video clip to show you how to create a simple “Life”-Animation in SexVilla’s Pose Editor.

This clip gives you an interesting inside view of that underestimated sex game called 3D SexVilla 2. The game provides you with very powerful tools, such as the Pose Editor (PoseEdit).

Look how cool, simple and funny it is to create a simple animation. Here i bring Cameron to life, i let her breathe, move slightly and blink with her eyes.

This video is for everybody who is interested in posing and animating, machinima artists and also SexVilla beginners who want to get a clue. Please watch the Video in HD (720p) and don’t forget to vote.

And now you should try by yourself: