And finally they chat…

On my recent visits on the new Sexvilla/Chathouse community site (my profile page) i noticed that people finally calmed down a bit. There are still a few people who seem to have problems with the site but after all, everything seems to get back to normal slowly. That’s good. The whole move and merge of accounts, games and sites didn’t run smoothly. It was easy to see that the thrixxx team really had a hard time, but heck, the users had a hard time as well. So i’m glad that it’s over and i hope that thrixxx can and will concentrate on game updates now.

To set a personal final stroke i want to state that i haven’t had any problems with the move. I understood the new site right from the beginning, my accounts merged wonderfully together, no sexcoins lost, the game running fine as always. Maybe it’s because i don’t have any “free-tools-to-speed-up-windows” on my computer and always use up-to-date browsers? Only kidding, of course i see what’s still wrong with the whole new experience. But all my bug reports and suggestions have been answered by a team member quickly and i also have written a few basic tutorials to help people.

What should be next?

As a Sexvilla player i really really really miss an update. It’s almost a year. That’s way fucking too long.

I don’t play Chathouse 3D at the moment but i’m praying to the lord of virtual tits that there will be a huge update soon! I mean, all the trouble appeared when thrixxx decided to create Chathouse. What will happen to them (and us players) when they fail? The game is nice but not nice enough to beat its competitors. Now it’s new and generates many curious newbies, but what about turning them into loyal long-time customers? I’m not too optimistic but let’s wait and see…

Anyway, i’ve tested Chathouse 3D enough to say that it’s nice and has big potential. It’s not that bad like Sexvilla Users tend to say ;)

If you want to check out Chathouse 3D by yourself, you can get the trial here.

Chathouse 3D - Location Chathouse 3D - Pussy Editor Chathouse 3D - Voyeur

Chathouse Roulette 3D in Open Beta!

Everybody can now join thriXXX’ new online game and should give it a try…

I’m just back from my first trip into the Chathouse. Let me give you some fresh impressions.

Chathouse 3D is an online platform where you can dress/undress and customize your avatar and meet other people’s avatars in a virtual room – and have Sex.

It’s a Sex Chat Platform in a virtual 3D World.

Currently the game is in Open Beta, which means that everybody can join it for free AND – bummer – even upgrade to the uncensored full version for free! <- Only as long as the Open Beta phase.

All you need to do is to subscribe at, download the launcher and follow the official instructions. Nothing too complicated. Everything can be done via the website and launcher.

After launching the game it’s best practice to join the dressing room and pimp up your avatar. Of course i was pretty much interested about the quality of the 3D-Models and animations.

Chathouse 3D Dressing Room
The Standard Female Avatar in the Dressing Room.


Portrait of the standard Chathouse 3D Avatar
A closer look at the models face. Don’t like the lips too much.


Chathouse 3D Content Browser
The Content Browser is already filled with options of all sorts.


I spent about 20 minutes to create a nice “girl-from-next-door” avatar who i called “Claudia” for no special reason :)

I played with the customizers for the face and body and wasn’t too impressed here. Sexvilla has got many more options (still not enough). But after all, say hello to Claudia:

Topless Claudia in Chathouse 3D
I would love to give Claudia other nipples, but couldn’t figure out how.

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SexVilla 3 rescheduled and worse!

It’s disappointing, but ThriXXX’s flagship no longer has top priority! That’s a shame!

I often told you that 2 hearts beat in my chest. I really love that “game” 3D Sexvilla 2 and support/promote it pretty much. On the other hand i often stated that the company ThriXXX makes strange decisions sometimes, acts unprofessional – sort of. Nothing personal. I’m sure they are great guys and really talented programmers. But, you know, they can be freaky…

While gamers really look forward to a SV2 follow-up (at least since ThriXXX released a teaser video about 10 months ago), ThriXXX just decided to kick their faithful customers in the butt and reach out for new marketplaces instead.

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Over and Out: Lively shuts down!

Typical Lively: Anonymous Authors, Standard Rooms, 0 Visitors...
Typical Lively: Anonymous Authors, Standard Rooms, 0 Visitors...

Not everything that Google touches turns into gold immediately.

Personally i liked Google’s 3D-Chat Lively when it launched in early July. Now, only 4 and a half months later, it’s over. Google is shutting down Lively on December 31.

It’s a tough decision – but isn’t it a bit too harsh?

I mean, Lively was far from being perfect or innovative. I always thought it was launched way too soon. Too many bugs (really terrible ones) a strange login/logoff/login/logoff-procedure and not the quickest support on board…

But it wasn’t that bad! Not bad enough to be killed after such a short term! I’m wondering why they not only put Lively back into Google Labs and give it time to improve and grow in silence…

OK, after all i think it’s a money decision. There’s no money to earn in Lively, not for Google and not for occupants with professional or semi-professional ambitions. Those are still in Second Life…

Who cares, it’s over.

The MXM-Room will stay open until the very last second. Soon i will visit the room and make some screenshots that i will post here. Just to remember…

I’m sorry for all who joined Lively and are getting homeless again ;)